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Larger corporations rule the cannabis industry. With the legalization of cannabis, the industry has attracted a lot of attention. For small businesses, it is more difficult to succeed in the legal cannabis industry. Not only do they have to compete with big corporations, but they are equally competing amongst all the smaller businesses in addition.

From the resources to the government regulations and licensing, minority-owned cannabis companies have many barriers to break to cement their identify in the industry. While competition has made the entry of new players into the market difficult, it is not thoroughly impossible. In recent years, the industry has witnessed a few minority-owned companies make their way to the top. One such company is Winners course of action Genetics, established by Chris Milano Allison, Hassim Robinson, and Abou Thiam. They’ve produced a minority-owned cannabis company that continues to break barriers in the industry.

Winners course of action Genetics is a luxury cannabis company with noticeable proprietary genetics. Their strains have won different awards, among them the 2020 Hall of Flowers Award for their PBJ strain. They also partnered with American Rapper Quavo for their newly released strain Birkinz. Attracting enormous attention, the strain sold out immediately in dispensaries state-wide.

With companies working to optimize cannabis strains tailored for each use, cannabis genetics has become crucial. This has given an upper hand to Winners course of action Genetics, ensuring they continue to produce high-quality and rare strains.

Their recent partnership with CanaFarma (CNFHF), a public cannabis company, has opened more opportunities for Chris, Hassim, and Abou. Expenses in the cannabis industry are ever-growing and technology advancements also present a challenge to small businesses as they without proper equipment.

Highlighting how this partnership will impact their company, Chris, Hassim, and Abou say this will help them expand their brand already further. Seeing that they have marked their place in the industry and have been able to work with top celebrities, the market is already aware of their brand.  The partnership with CanaFarma (CNFHF) has given Winners course of action Genetics more financial freedom, which will help them extent already further.

At Winners course of action Genetics, they are firm believers that everyone can win. As they continue to grow, their goal is to create more opportunities for minorities to own their brand. By sharing tips and knowledge, Chris, Hassim, and Abouy also aim to educate people on how to unprotected to success in the cannabis business world. Winners course of action Genetics is also looking to invest in affordable housing for low-income families.

Winners course of action Genetics is working to become a multistate operator with a major footprint in every legal cannabis market while maintaining its high-quality strains.

Overall, there are a lot of barriers in the cannabis industry; the ever-changing scenery relating to the legality of the plant has seen some players shy away from the market. Additionally, although cannabis has been legalized, there nevertheless is some stigma. Some nevertheless perceive cannabis as an illegal substance. To easily navigate the industry, it is basic to stay on top of the ever-changing laws, continue to be flexible and adaptable.

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