MLM Leader – Four Step course of action To Become A MLM Leader

MLM Leader – Four Step course of action To Become A MLM Leader

It’s pretty well-known that adding value to others is a good way to become a MLM leader. Adding value to others is indeed an important part of your marketing plan. If you did nothing but add value to others then you’d be okay at the end of the day. “allurement marketing” is the term that describes giving value without receiving anything in return.

I have taught this to many students of internet and network marketing and found a repeating question being asked by them. They ask, “how do I become a MLM leader when I’m brand new to the business?” Many people who have been in the MLM industry with years of experience are already asking this question regarding the online side of the business. The newbies and veterans alike all want to know how to become MLM leaders when they’re just beginning their journey on the web.

There is a simple acronym that explains just how to position yourself as MLM leader on the Internet. It’s called L.I.S.T.


Learn – initially we must gain more knowledge. Since we are working on the Internet that’s an easy place to start getting new information. With a huge internet universe out there you can gain tons of know-how in no time. Do you have some skill set or knowledge base from the past to draw from? I bring a great deal of leadership experience and team building from my job as Fire Captain. Alright, what if you’re young and haven’t been in the game of life very long, then what? Did you belong to any clubs in school? All these endeavors produced some kind of valuable skill within you. Take any courses you find in your niche. Everything has a price. All leaders recognize this and embrace it. They know the knowledge they get will be worth far more than the price of the class. Ask your mentors tons of questions. Interview them. Network with people on Twitter. You can get a ton of free training from others in our industry. Learning is the initial step in your journey to becoming a MLM leader.

Implement – Once you have gone out and got some training you must truly apply that knowledge to translate it into experience. It’s one thing to read about something, but it’s an thoroughly different ball game to truly go out and do it. Interestingly, the same held true at the fire department. A lot of people had “book smarts,” but the majority never practiced what they were taught. They could tell everyone how bad they screwed up a call, or didn’t follow that procedure for putting the fire out. The problem was they never got in the game themselves. They would have the nerve to put themselves on pedestals to the newbie firefighters. This is true in any field. MLM leaders learn new stuff and they truly apply it in their own businesses.

proportion – Once you’ve learned and implemented something new proportion it with the world. Yes, it does make you a better person that will attract people, but that’s where most people stop. Using the net as a tool you can proportion your newly attained value with thousands almost immediately. Start putting out content. It can be in the form of videos, articles, blog posts, or any other method of communication. The idea is to proportion all the value you’ve attained with the world by the web. There are millions of people out there searching for what you’ve got.

aim – With enough value additional to the internet universe people will start following you and joining your cause. Others will begin to perceive you as a MLM leader! You will begin to have people opting-into your newsletter or joining your team. Your next task is to continually aim, equip and motivate them for success. Start doing weekly webinars or conference calls for your group. Coach them so they might become MLM leaders themselves one day. This is the whole purpose of MLM. Duplicating yourself right out of a job.

Once you use the LIST system just do it over and over.. One of the biggest challenges people have in MLM is learning how to generate warm market leads. Have you ever signed up a new person who hits the ground running and then stops after about a few weeks in business? We all have. They have run out of people to prospect. If you want to become a MLM leader one of the first things you must do is develop a strategy to generate leads consistently online.

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