Mom hires Grinch to bring festive fun — instead he destroys her house …

Mom hires Grinch to bring festive fun — instead he destroys her house …—-instead-he.jpg

There isn’t much that parents won’t do to help their children believe in the magic of the holiday season, but for one Irish mom, the results backfired spectacularly when she invited a hired Grinch to come cause a bit of mischief around her home, and instead, he completely destroyed the place.

Laura Magill of Belfast paid £85 (approximately C$150) for an actor dressed up as the famous Dr. Seuss character to come to her house and play some pranks on her two kids.

According to a post she made on Facebook, which was captured in a tweet by @cafucatfood, she was told the green grouch would come to her home, mess up a associate of beds, have a pillow fight, and decorate the Christmas tree with toilet paper before posing for a few pictures with the kids.

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Fun, right?

What she received was far more sinister, not to mention messy.

Maybe the funniest thing iv ever seen in my life

— cafucatfood (@cafucatfood) December 13, 2021

“Every single bit of party food — expensive cupcakes, threw all over the place. Tree decorations, BROKE!”

She said the actor poured a bottle of liquid dish soap all over the floor and smashed her eggs.

Before-and-after photos show the delicious spread laid out for the Grinch, which he proceeded to throw all over the floor. Courtesy / Laura Magill via Twitter

He then poured a bottle of juice all over one of her sons: “Kid’s new onesie ruined,” she wrote.

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“Never been so disgusted in my life!!!”

A local event company, LOC-Down Events Superheroes & Princess Hire, clarified that it was not the company behind the trashed home.

“Please observe there is a post making it’s [sic] rounds on Facebook regarding a Grinch that was hired for a home visit and destroyed the customers character!!!”

The company denied having anything to do with the destructive Grinch, claiming it only supplies a “Jim Carey [sic]-style Grinch” to put on a performance, cause mild mischief and play games.

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“Any videos you have seen from loc-Down with a tree being wrecked are all set up We do not destroy any character at events or home visits!!”

As of this writing, Magill has not confirmed what company she hired, and no business has come forward to claim responsibility for the holiday “cheer.”

While Magill is rightfully upset about the destruction caused by the Grinch, online observers were getting quite a kick out of the spectacle.

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Every time I see this it just gets funnier and funnier

— Beth Deakin✨ (@xbethdeakin) December 14, 2021

“I am lying in bed genuinely weeping over this and I first saw it like 2 hours ago every time I go back to it, it gets better I am truly hysterical,” one person commented on the Twitter thread.

I am lying in bed genuinely weeping over this and I first saw it like 2 hours ago every time I go back to it it gets better I am truly hysterical

— ℭ but truly Aoife (@infinityonhi) December 14, 2021

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“This is going to be one hell of a small claims court case,” another wrote.

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