Most Wanted Features In Promotional Conference Bags

Most Wanted Features In Promotional Conference Bags

Are you choosing promotional conference bags for your company? Perhaps your retail store has decided to sell promotional conference bags as part of their branded promotional line, or you’re looking for conference bags as incentives for your sales or specialized staff. If you’re having trouble deciding on the best promotional conference bags for your needs, take a look at some of the most wanted features in promotional conference bags – and who wants them.

Lots of room!

Perhaps the single most wanted characterize – if it can be called that – in conference bags is lots and lots of interior room. While the original intent of the promotional conference bags may be to keep up information and promotional gifts from sponsors at a conference, the recipients of those bags have other uses for them. One of the most shared is as an overnight travel bag or carry on luggage for a short trip. As such, recipients value conference bags enough room to stow all your kit and gear inside and carry it along.

Padded, adjustable shoulder straps

Adjustable shoulder straps with padding are another highly desired characterize in promotional conference bags. Recipients like the option to sling a bag over the shoulder and leave hands free. Since those bags can get heavy, a padded strap – particularly one with adjustable shoulder padding – is a welcome characterize. It relieves pressure on the shoulders, and can help prevent wrinkling of clothing – important if you’re on the go to business and sales meetings.

Zippered outside pockets

Outside pockets are another characterize that’s in high need among those who use promotional conference bags – especially if they can be zippered, hooked or velcro’ed closed. Outside pockets provide easy access for items that people need while they’re on the go – mobile phones, sports bottles, appointment books and the like. At the same time, no one likes to take a chance of losing something as important as a pocket planner or cell phone – so outside pockets with flaps or Velcro closures are especially welcome on promotional conference bags.

Multiple interior compartments

Some of the nicest promotional conference bags obtainable today double as laptop bags. Interior compartments make it easy to separate your laptop or notebook computer from other items in your travel bag, while nevertheless providing additional room to tote along other items. Conference bags that unzip to open flat and serve as a laptop pad and document organizer are especially popular with mobile IT techs and sales people.

Organizer flap pockets

One very popular characterize is an organizer on the inner flap of the bag’s cover. Many promotional conference bags characterize a fold-over flap closure that’s ideal for a mesh organizer grid. It can keep up pens, business cards, scissors, car keys, boarding passes – anything that you need to have easily at hand but in a protected pocket.

Embroidered Logos

While printed logos are most shared, custom embroidered business logos give promotional conference bags an additional touch of class without adding significantly to the price of each unit. Choosing an embroidered logo over a printed one can elevate a giveaway promo gift to the level of corporate gift for valued customers and staff.

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