Network Marketing and the ADHD Personality

Network Marketing and the ADHD Personality

One of the advantages of network marketing is the fact that you can work at home and work on your own time schedule. This fact is particularly useful if there are reasons that you have difficulty working a standard eight to five work day or have difficulty working in a “traditional” office setting. People with attention deficit sometime fall into this category. Often it is not that they can’t work under those circumstances, they would just prefer to be a little more flexible.

If you have been in network marketing any length of time, you might recognize that that you often find people with an abundance of energy in this business. Of course, they do not all have diagnosed hyperactivity, but it is a personality trait that is very useful in the network marketing business.

Network marketing takes upbeat, positive energy. Since a great deal of network marketing is dealing with people, it takes a lot of energy. You have to be up most of the time. You have to be able to keep yourself and your team motivated-and this sometimes method putting your energy in overdrive. Suddenly that trait that drove your teacher crazy is a great asset. Take advantage of it!

Network marketing often changes. This keeps someone with attention deficit from getting bored. You don’t’ have to worry about anything being mundane for very long. There are always new products to learn about, new training to listen to, and changes in the compensation plan, and new people in your company. There is always sometime new to keep your attention-and you like it that way!

No one in your upline will think it is strange if you are very enthusiastic and talk 90 miles an hour. In fact, they will like it. Plus you can speed around your room while you are on the phone, no one will notice or care. You can also speed around while you are listening to training, on a conference call, pretty much while you are doing anything. (A web conference might be a little distracting, but luckily there probably wont’ be too many of those!)

Your network marketing business is exactly that-your business. You can run it anyway you want. You can do it your pajamas. You control your time. If you want to work your business for 15 minutes or three hours, it is all okay! Network marketing is a business that can use what may have been a problem for you into an opportunity with many of the necessary traits built in.

“Our success is a direct consequence of knowing how to market a brand and having the right people representing the brand “. Greg Norman

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