Niche SEO – The SEO Goldmine

Niche SEO – The SEO Goldmine

This article about Niche SEO has its roots planted in small business SEO solutions. But before we go too far, let’s first take a look at what SEO is all about. SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. It is the time of action of providing the search engines what they need, want, and desire to properly index your web pages for your targeted keyword phrases.

This will make more sense if you think of the search engines as online electronic libraries and your web pages as books. Libraries index books by their titles and by the subject matter, or content. Search engines work in a very similar way. However, they treat each individual page as if it were a separate books. So the titles of your website pages are extremely important. This is where you will want to include your targeted keyword phrases for each page. These titles should correlate to the content on the pages.

Niche SEO helps define your web pages as smaller segments within a larger industry. The idea here is to create a subset of highly targeted keyword phrases that have been over looked by your competitors. This is often done by stringing together a phrase that includes 3 or 4 keywords which are often referred to as long tail keywords.

Today, I will use one of my clients industry to explain my point. This company manufactures dust collection equipment that is used in other manufacturing processes. If we had targeted just the phrase “dust collection” it would have produced 3.6 million results in Google.

The problem here is not so much the competitive number of websites that have directly or indirectly targeted the phrase. The difficulty lies in the fact that multiple industries have targeted this phrase. The main three industrial groups targeting “dust collection” include the industrial dust collection equipment manufacturers, along with those that make home units and vacuum cleaners.

The job here is how to separate ourselves from the home unit and vacuum cleaner sites. Our niche approach leads as to elongate the targeted keyword phrase. This can be done by simply adding the information industrial to our phrase so that the long tail keyword phrase is industrial dust collection.

A Google search for industrial dust collection would produce only 541,000 results. However, this is now your chief group of direct competitors. The inclusion of the information industrial has deleted the vacuum cleaner and home dust collection unit sites from the first page of results. In this course of action we have produced a more highly targeted niche search group. These searchers are actively searching for your products, doing research, or both.

I would take this niche SEO course of action one step further and include the information equipment. This would give you a four information phrase, industrial dust collection equipment. This Google search produced only 291,000 results. Although fewer searchers will use this term, those that do are more likely to be serious searchers with an active agenda that needs filled.

Niche SEO, simply stated, is the application of long tail keyword phrases to generate highly targeted traffic to your website. Another assistance of targeting for industrial dust collection equipment is that it also gives them the opportunity to rank high for all the combination’s of these four words or shorter versions such as industrial dust collection.

Are you ready to acquire higher search ranking by the application of Niche SEO principals?

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