Nokia 5230 – What’s New With This Mobile Phone?

Nokia 5230 – What’s New With This Mobile Phone?

The Nokia 5230 is a similar phone to the 5800 but is more appropriate for those with a lower budget, as it has fewer high end features. The 5230 is also the latest in a series of inexpensive mobile phones to come with a touch screen. Whilst it does without some of the features associated with more expensive phones, it does have some interesting features. It uses dedicated keys for things like the camera, quantity and sending emails. It also has a media bar meaningful on the outside so that you can access your music faster.

When playing music, the phone itself becomes an MP3 player. You can play, pause and rewind on the touch screen, without going into your mobile phone’s menu. The touch screen has a closeness sensor, which can detect when the phone is up to your confront and, conversely, when the phone is in a bag or pocket. This prevents the music player being affected when it’s in your bag or pocket. It also ensures you don’t push buttons when you are speaking to someone.

The phone also accepts some voice commands which are a scarce characterize for budget handsets. Amongst other things, this method that instead of going into your address book to find who you need to call, you can simply say “call X” and the phone will do it for you. Unusually for a mobile phone, you can also conference call with up to 6 people at a time.

Other features include a GPS functionality, Nokia mobile search and Ovi Maps. The phone also has a 2MP camera with 3x digital speed. Whilst this may not be the highest spec megapixel camera on the market, the other features on the handset, make this makes a fantastic mobile phone.

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