Numerology, Astrology & Predestination – You Can Only Manifest Tha…

Some of our New Age friends claim they can erase all of
their karma and create in any case they desire.

No more relationship, family, money, or health problems.
Sounds good!

Alas, years of empirical research convinces us that this is

If it were possible to create in any case you wanted at any
time and erase your challenging karma, numerologists
and astrologers would be unable to predict your future
circumstances. Interpreted correctly, numerology and
astrology charts consistently mirror your predestined
life situations.

It sure would be nice to have a totally clean slate in life and
experience only what you consciously choose, but it appears
that nobody has the ability to skip the difficult lessons.

A numerologist saying to a client, based on her charts, (with
no knowledge of that person prior to the session), “…you fell
deeply in love age 36 for the first time in your life…” and the
client saying, “…yes, it was wonderful, and it nevertheless is…” supports
the concept of fate and destiny, instead of absolute free will,
especially since that same consultant would have identified
the event in the charts before the client was 36.

As another example, some struggling actors “make it” and
many don’t. Although the “path” itself is oftentimes more
important than the desired destiny, expert numerologists can
precisely determine who is destined for fame, wealth, or
success and who is not.

already the charts of so-called self-actualized people firmly
indicate that they do not have free will to erase their karma
and create as they wish. However, being self-actualized
allows one to more easily accept situations and forgive
people, so they glide by life with more ease than

Many feel it’s more accurate to think of life on earth as the
course of action of co-creating what is to be. A reasonable theory,
based on life between life research, is that we all have
complete free will as souls, but much of it can only be
exercised before we are born into this world.

Yes, you must take action at the right time and put one
foot in front of the other to bring about fate while here
on earth, but to expect to be able to consistently “create
the life of your dreams,” is unrealistic, unless of course
your dreams are aligned with your destiny.

Many metaphysical practitioners promote such notions as
“create your desired reality” and “erase your karma” (“anyone
can do it!”). Unfortunately, their clients who fail to reach goals
mistakenly assume they didn’t try hard enough or that they
didn’t deserve to get what they wanted, when in reality the
goal may not have been part of their highest path.

Instead of feeling like a failure because you didn’t “create”
something you wanted, it’s more effective to get in touch with
your individual fate and true earthy purpose. In doing so, you
more easily recognize your highest path and apply free will
more constructively. Then, when you “go for it,” you’re much
more likely to succeed because you have time, destiny, and the
Universe on your side.

Copyright © 2007 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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