Ozonated Olive Oil for Relief of Periodontal Abscess

Periodontal abscess is a condition that almost always evolves from pre-existent periodontal disease. Bacteria that are allowed to keep in the mouth from without of dental hygiene prosper in this acidic ecosystem, causing inflammation of the gums and bone loss surrounding the teeth. This ultimately creates periodontal pockets in the bone that are measured in millimeters by dental probing and are difficult to clean properly. If this condition is not corrected, more dangerous bacteria move into the periodontal pockets and their by-products accelerate the bone loss and inflammation of the gums.

This course of action can develop painlessly until the inflammation is retained between the gum and the tooth causing an abscess or pocket of pus. The pus is really dead white blood cells the body has expended to fight the infection. As the pus ball enlarges, pain ensues and tenderness is experienced on the gum. The infection can spread and seem like it is going into your ear or under your lower jaw and down into your neck. It may be hard to open your mouth because of the inflammation and swelling.

The usual dental method of relieving a periodontal abscess is to assign medications such as Amoxicillin or Erythromycin to control the infection. The gum area of the periodontal pocket will be cleaned out of debris and the pus drained by the dentist. This will alleviate most of the immediate pain. However, the inner problem nevertheless remains and without further intervention will happen again.

The use of ozonated olive oil for this condition can be extremely helpful.

Ozonated olive oil is additional virgin olive oil that has had strong medical grade ozone bubbled by it for nearly a month. It has a very thick consistency when refrigerated and is saturated with ozonides. Ozonides are long-chain molecules with bound nascent or active oxygen in the molecule. Ozonated olive oil is slow to release the active oxygen from the molecule. Active oxygen inactivates viruses, causes cell lysing of anaerobic bacteria and kills protozoa, yeast and a large number of other unhealthy organisms.

The use of ozonated olive oil for periodontal abscess is just beginning to be discovered. different dentists who were working with ozone for dentistry discovered the value of this oxygen therapy for periodontal pockets and abscesses as little as five years ago.

Research indicates that it takes 24 hours of incubation of bacteria in a periodontal pocket for the organism to habited to the point of causing destruction of bone or gum inflammation.

Ozonated olive oil used daily after a thorough cleaning of the teeth, gums and perio pockets will destroy sufficient numbers of the bacteria to prevent colonization of the bacteria and consequently promote reduction of bone loss and inflammation. The ozonated olive oil can be applied with a toothbrush or to the gums with the tip of a finger. The oil will penetrate below the gums into perio pockets as thorough as 9 mm.

Ask your dentist the most effective ways to clean out the pockets. They have many nifty gadgets for this. When bacteria are no longer colonizing in the periodontal pockets, the body now has a chance to rebuild itself instead of going to war with unhealthy organisms. If sufficient minerals are in the blood stream and saliva, re-mineralization and bone re-growth will occur over time. Your author has personally seen perio pockets reduce from 8mm to 4 mm with the use of ozonated olive oil.

Ozonated olive oil is a safe, effective different to traditional practice. It is inexpensive and the product will last indefinitely if refrigerated.

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