Pervy doc arrested after claiming he could cure women’s cancer by sex

A PERV gynaecologist dubbed “Dr Magic Flute” has been arrested after claiming that he could cure women of their cancer by having sex with them.

Dr Giovanni Miniello, 60, was put under house arrest on Tuesday on suspicion of sexual assault against two women in Bari, Italy.


Giovanni Miniello, 60, allegedly had sex with hundreds of female patientsCredit: Newsflash


Miniello was caught red-handed attempting to sleep with an undercover actressCredit: Newsflash


Dr Miniello, 60, claimed he could cure women of their cancer by having sex with themCredit: Newsflash

The sleezy medic resigned from his job last week after being caught half-naked in a hotel room with an actress who was posing as a patient in a TV sting.

He had been trying to “cure” the undercover actress of her illness by having sex with her.

Miniello later claimed, via his lawyer, that he had helped hundreds of women over his 40-year career and fathered as many children.

The doctor was targeted by Le Lene, an Italian TV show, after a victim complained he was offering a “sex cure” to patients.

The victim visited Miniello after having difficulties falling pregnant and was allegedly told she had human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually-transmitted DNA virus that can cause cancer, despite returning a negative Pap smear test.

He reportedly said: “I have saved many women from cancer. All those I have had contact with were negative afterwards.”

Since the broadcast, another 15 women have come forward claiming they too were offered his “miracle sex cure” while visiting his practise in Bari.

The 33-year-old woman victim whose complaint kick-started the investigation, known as Anna Maria, visited the gynaecologist after failing to get pregnant and was advised to get a HPV test.

She told La Repubblica that right from the start, Miniello did not act like a specialized doctor.

After her check-up, she said the doctor touched her chest without any explanation and said he liked women with small breasts.

When she then contacted him to get the results from her test, she was shocked to hear him propose that he could cure her cancer by having sex with her and offered an appointment.

Anna Maria, who had taken legal advice before the call, recorded the conversation and she then sent it to Le Lene, an investigative news programme in Italy.

The Le Lene team hired an actress to visit the specialist, who quickly told her she had “white spots” on her cervix, which indicated the presence of HPV, and offered to sleep with her.

He then made the bizarre claim that having sex with a “vaccinated” man like him would give her “immunity”. He then told her she wouldn’t receive “antibodies” if they had protected sex.

When they finally met in a hotel room and began undressing, the undercover team busted in.

Protesting against the sting, Miniello said: “I’m doing this for my studies, and for the other people that I have saved.”

Anna Maria said she decided to blow the whistle on Miniello after fearing he would move on to targeting young girls or women desperate for a cure.

Miniello is quoted in local media as having said by his lawyer: “I, who have successfully treated hundreds of women for over 40 years… only hypothesizedv an different treatment that has yielded results.”

He also additional that he had never coerced the women to have sex with him and always gave them “absolute freedom of choice”.

The coordinator for the Anti-Violence Centre in Bari, Marika Massara, said: “We have received several reports in the last few days, dozens. Women who have come together and gone by a similar situation.

“Some consider reporting it, others are afraid, also because the level of secondary victimisation we are witnessing is very high.”

Police confirmed that he is now being investigated for two incidents, dating back to September 2019 and June 2021.

If convicted he could use up to 10 years in prison for each offence.


Miniello with the undercover actress hired by Italian investigative journalists Le LeneCredit: Newsflash


The creepy gynaecologist claimed women could be cured of their cancer by having sex with himCredit: Newsflash


The tests consequence of one of Miniello’s victimsCredit: Newsflash
Perv dubbed ‘Dr Magic Flute’ who claimed he could cure women’s cancer by having sex with them is busted in sting

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