Planning A Reunion? These Five Tips Will Save Your Sanity

Planning A Reunion? These Five Tips Will Save Your Sanity

With all of the social media that we have today, being able to keep up with old friends from school is easier than ever. However, already though we can see how life is going with the old gang these days, there really is nothing like a good, old-fashioned reunion to make your lasting friendships really feel special.

Depending on the types of friends you had, it could average a number of things. Maybe you & the guys were all about riffing on each other and having a little fun at each others expense. Why not get together & have a few laughs at expanding waistlines & receding hairlines? Perhaps you and your girlfriends bonded over bad relationships, movie nights, and sharing your dreams. Why not get together and see how marriages, babies, or already extended single living have shaped you in adulthood?

Reunions are a blast, but what no one will tell you is that they can be one of the biggest nightmares in the world to plan. Depending on what kind of get-together you are planning and the number of people youre trying to wrangle in one place, youre talking about plans that have to start months in improvement.

Before you get too far into the whole reunion course of action, you need to keep these five tips in mind so that you dont lose your marbles:

Set Dates As Early As Possible – This is where you & your planning committee have to really get the information out about the event and find out what dates could work for everyone. Its important to realize that you wont be able to please everyone because everyones schedules wont line up. additionally, your group may have to give specific date because the venues youre looking at may have limited availability.

Finalize the Number of Attendees – Set deadlines for responses from prospective attendees. You need to know how many people will be part of the event so that you can plan for a venue, in addition as any food or accommodations that may be part of the event. This, along with setting dates will probably be your hardest responsibilities.

Delegate responsibilities – Notice how weve mentioned the information committee? It takes more than one person to really plan a reunion. Sure, a little one with a small group of friends might be OK, but if youre going for a graduating class or family event, delegating duties will be paramount to keeping your sanity.

Dont Get Crazy with Activities- Though you may want to provide a number of activities for your group, its also nice to just sit back and hang with each other, especially if a lot of time has gone by since last touching base. Trying to reconnect over laser-tag isnt easy.

Find the Right Venue – Though maybe a little low on the priority list for some, finding the right place to great number your reunion is important because you know it can manager everything. If youre working with a venue that is also a hotel, you may find that they can manager A/V matters, catering, and hotel bookings without a problem. This may be a nice thing for guests traveling a longer distance.

A reunion is all about reconnecting with the people in your past that made life noticable. You want to use more time making those connections again instead of being completely frazzled by the reunion-planning course of action. By being organized, planning ahead, divvying out the workload, and finding the perfect place to great number, youre sure to have a great reunion.

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