Protect Yourself From Unreasonable Bailiffs – Know Your Rights!

Since 2004 bailiffs have been given legal strength to force entry into your home. This must be done by ‘peaceful entry’. This method that the bailiff cannot break your door or window with intent to go into your character. However, he can go into via an open window or door.


  • Bailiffs putting there feet in the door to stop the door being closed
  • Illegally breaking and entering your character
  • Adding extortionate bailiff fees onto the debt for a visit and threatening to do this every time they have to return
  • A bailiff removing basic items used by you and your family, including items for your job
  • Bailiff powers consisting of Intimidating, threatening and demanding behaviour including excessive visiting
  • Bailiff refusing to accept payments by installment that have been hypothesizedv by you


  1. Whilst dealing with bailiffs, If you believe that a bailiff or debt collector has or is acting in an unreasonable or unfair manner, then you can contact the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)
  2. Apply to the County Courts ask them to conduct a detailed assessment of the bailiff’s fees.
  3. If a bailiff does gain access to your premises, inform him that you are aware that it is illegal for him to remove items from your character which are either used for your business or job, or basic items that are used by you and your family (towels, sheets, bed, cooker, fridge etc) for you
  4. Apply to the County Courts to request for suspension of a bailiff warrant (Form 245 ‘Application for suspension of a bailiff warrant’
  5. Apply to the County Courts if you wish to request a reduction of an installment payment to the bailiff (Form 245 ‘Variation of an installment order’

I hope you find the above tips useful and look out for my future articles.

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