Protecting Your Log Home From Insects and Termites

Protecting Your Log Home From Insects and Termites

Owning a log home is a wonderful fulfillment for a home owner and by merely looking at its whole perspective, you have a reminiscence of an 18th century style of dwelling. However, its beautiful looks on the outside can be deceiving to the eyes, as insects and termites may have engulfed the interior of the logs which can rule to a harsh damage. To avoid this thing to happen, protecting your log home from insects and termites is a vital factor in home maintenance.

Termites exist in a place with moisture, they die when exposed to the air or sun for so long. If the logs are dry, they will not be attacked by termites. However, if you have a gutter leaking onto the logs, it can be a point of entry for insects and can start wood decay. Keep the leak of your air conditioner away from wooden structures since it may be another source of problem.

How to Prevent Extreme Damage to Your Home

· In new construction, make sure your contractor does not bury any wooden debris under the topsoil. Otherwise, the decomposed wood will create a new termite colony. Also, make sure that they install a termite protect below the sill plate. It is a piece of metal that creates a hindrance between the foundation and the wooden sill.

· The use of Borate-based preservatives has been widely practiced to keep the logs free from insects and fungus which decay the wood. This kind of pre-treatment provides an affordable way of preserving the wood and its application is done before staining. Borate can be applied by brush or spray and soak into the surface of wood.

Borate is a natural form of mineral which contains boron and mixed with water and other chemicals to prevent fungal decay in logs. The combination can exterminate termites, carpenter ants and roaches in an moment. Some are mixed with other fungicides, insecticides and termiticides that are needed to combat the insects that have already propagated in great number.

· Another effective way of sealing out the insects is by caulking the holes. Also, do not stack firewood near your home because they might have already insects in it.

· Have a regular inspection of your porch, corners, eaves, window frames, and foundation. They might have already been infested with insects and termites.

If you follow the above measures, you are assured to have a kind of log home that is protected from insects and termites that can truly damage your home. In effect, you will be free from high cost of repairs and you will surely enjoy the comfort of a home that is free from destructive creatures.

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