Protesters rally in downtown St. Louis after leaked Roe v. Wade opinio…

Protesters rally in downtown St. Louis after leaked Roe v. Wade opinio…

ST. LOUIS — Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the federal courthouse in downtown St. Louis after a leaked draft opinion suggested the Supreme Court could be poised to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion nationwide.

On Tuesday, our Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX helicopter flew over two rallies in St. Louis, where emotions were high.

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“We know that when the right to an abortion is taken away — if that indeed is what will happen as we expect — that women will die,” said one abortion-rights speaker.

Local advocates shared their stories and urged those that stand with them to fight.

“It’s shocking and just heartbreaking,” said abortion-rights protester Erynn Soit. “I’m a mother. I have a daughter, and I’m here for her to make sure she has all the rights that I’ve had.”

As it stands, Missouri is one of several states with cause laws that will make abortion Illegal after eight weeks if Roe v. Wade is ultimately overturned.

“This has been a decision that was decided wrongly 50 years ago. So I think it is a relay victory not just for the pro-life movement but for the American experiment, “said Missouri Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R-Arnold).

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She echoes the local anti-abortion base that is cautiously optimistic.

“We recognize that many opinions could have changed the flux of the decision-making that happens within the Supreme Court. We can’t pretend to know but we’re very excited about the prospect,” said Rachell Highley, the chief of staff for Coalition Life.

The country is nevertheless waiting to see if the draft becomes a reality and what each state’s plan of action will be.

Chief Justice John Roberts is calling upon the marshal of the court to begin an investigation and find out who is responsible for the leak.

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