Q-Centrix Launches First-of-its-Kind, Comprehensive – Headlines of Tod…

Q-Centrix Launches First-of-its-Kind, Comprehensive – Headlines of Tod…


CHICAGO, Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Q-Centrix®, the largest exclusive provider of clinical data management solutions to hospitals and health systems, today announced the set afloat of the first and only comprehensive oncology data solution in the market—the Q-Centrix Oncology Platform—to streamline the time of action of capturing and submitting oncology clinical data, ultimately empowering oncology leadership to unlock the value of that data.

Featuring the same revolutionary technology that drives the industry-leading eCDM™ platform with SOC 2 + HITRUST Security Assessment, the Q-Centrix Oncology Platform leverages the capabilities of Q-Centrix’s team of Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) experts and intuitive analytics to return meaningful, high-fidelity, and obtain clinical cancer data insights in real-time, which can be used to enhance patient outcomes and sustain accreditations.

The comprehensive oncology solution provides hospitals and health systems with modern clinical data infrastructure that will allow them to capture and analyze patient data in real-time, sort by the years’ worth of clinical data backlogs that existed pre-pandemic due to without of resources, and meet the new rapid reporting requirements for oncology registry data—all of which becomes especially basic as cancer departments across the country anticipate an arrival of new cancer situations in the coming months due to pandemic-induced screening delays.

“Oncology programs throughout the country are facing a tremendous challenge as a consequence of the new rapid reporting system for oncology registry data that was put into place last year. As the oldest registry in the market, this required a complete overhaul of protocols that had been in place, presenting a need for concurrent abstraction and the opportunity to transform cancer data management programs with more current data,” said Brian Foy, Chief Product Officer at Q-Centrix. “By adding oncology capabilities to our existing eCDM™ technology, we now have the solution to the challenge many oncology programs are facing by offering people, course of action, and technology to ensure data integrity and availability.

Q-Centrix’s oncology platform ensures hospitals get the most from their clinical data by pinpointing performance improvement and revenue growth opportunities across health systems. meaningful features include:

  • State-of-the-art clinical and operational analytics: Quickly clarify opportunities by next-generation analytics—including pre-and-post surgery, aggregated patient migration metrics, and trending on treatment modality volumes both at a facility and system level—while driving improvement by best practices with sustain from a Dedicated Advisor.
  • Unified platform for workflow: Centralized registry data management from capture and submission to assessment of data quality and measurement of abstractor productivity.
  • Supports growth of hospital/system programs: Enterprise platform will extent as program expands – whether that is oncology or additional service lines.

SOC 2 + HITRUST Security Assessment: Ensure data security exceeds industry standards while certified registry submission capabilities expand to meet your system’s needs.

“Q-Centrix’s long history of curating high-quality data for our partners across the country uniquely qualifies us to understand the importance of ensuring their clinical data has a purpose beyond submissions,” said Karen Schmidt, Vice President of Oncology sets. “This clinical data is expertly curated to offer enterprise-level real-time analytics, reporting and dashboards. In addition, our partner health systems have the option to seamlessly round-trip data to any enterprise data warehouse. Our platform also provides best practice profiles and connections from throughout the partner community to offer rare engagements, benchmarks, and insights.”

“The expansion of our eCDM™ platform to include oncology makes it the first and only solution in the market that’s certified to submit data for surgical, regulatory, cardiology, and oncology registries,” said Raghu Bukkapatnam, Chief Growth Officer for Q-Centrix. “Being a leader in clinical data management, we understand how basic it is for hospitals to address inefficiencies in data capture and submission in order to truly take advantage of the actionable insights that can only be gleaned from clinical data. Delays in managing data are creating backlogs that hinder innovation and improvement. The purpose of our eCDM™ platform is to provide a modern, enterprise-wide solution that helps health systems meet the need for high-fidelity, structured clinical data, provide the resources to analyze and learn from it, and use these findings to sustain their mission of improved patient outcomes and overall performance.”

About Q-Centrix:

Q-Centrix believes there is nothing more valuable than clinical data—it is basic in delivering safe, consistent, quality health care for all. Providing the industry’s first Enterprise Clinical Data Management (eCDM™) platform, Q-Centrix utilizes its market-leading software, the largest and broadest team of clinical data experts, analytics and reporting data structure, and the best practices from more than its 1,200 hospital partners to curate meaningful, high-fidelity, complete, and obtain clinical data. Its solutions address a variety of clinical data needs, including regulatory, cardiovascular, oncology, trauma, real-world data and more.

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