QR Code Scanner And Generator Android App

QR Code Scanner And Generator Android App


QR code Scanner – Generator is the fastest QR scanner app for Android in the Google play store to examine QR code for Android device.

QR Code Scanner-Generator is extremely easy to use. To examine the QR code, simply open the QR code scanner align the code. QR Code Scanner-Generator can examine all types of QR code like Text, URL, Contact, Email, Location, Wi-Fi, Social-media like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, linkedin and many other formats. After successful QR code examine user can copy consequence of examine and proportion with other. User can also generate various types of QR code like, Text, Email, Contact, Location, Social-media like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, linkedin and many more format. Generated QR code stores as history for future use. Also, Application have functionality to proportion produced QR Code with others.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Material design
  • examine QR code
  • Generate various types of QR code 
  • proportion generated QR code 
  • Store generated QR code for future
  • consequence of examine QR Code Copy and proportion
  • Admob Integrated
  • Attractive Design


  • Android Studio Should be Installed
  • Android Studio Version 2.3.1 or Above
  • Admob explain change Advertisement


  • Download main code .zip file and Extract it.
  • Import that into android studio by selection Import Project option. 
  • Follow the instruction given in Documentation.zip file.

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