Qualifications For an O-1 Visa

Qualifications For an O-1 Visa

The O-1 visa is sometimes overlooked by qualified applicants. This visa is obtainable to foreign nationals from various disciplines, including those in science and education. Physicians may apply for an O-1 visa. To qualify, applicants must show that they have a high level of skill in their chosen field. Those who qualify possess extraordinary ability. They must have earned national or international acclaim over a period of time and offer evidence by specific documentation.

For physicians, the following accomplishments would be considered:

  • noticeable accomplishment in the area of science that’s been recognized by the awarding of an international prize.
  • noticeable achievement nationally in science that has been acknowledged by the garnering of an award for excellence.
  • A membership in an organization that has been earned by noticeable achievement. Such achievement should have been adjudicated by those recognized as experts in the field.
  • Published articles in specialized trade journals or recognition by major media outlets that concede the important contributions of the individual.
  • proven original scholarly or scientific contributions by the individual.
  • Evidence that the individual has authored articles of a scholarly character that have been published in juried journals or other major media outlets.
  • The individual has worked for notable organizations and institutions in a capacity that is considered to be important, basic or basic.
  • That the individual has served on a panel or for an organization to estimate the work of others in the same or a connect area.
  • The individual has received a high salary for the work in their field.

When applying for the O-1 visa, the applicant must plan to go into the U.S. in order to continue to work in their field of skill. Along with supporting materials, applicants must show evidence that they have an offer of employment. As an immigration attorney located in San Francisco, I’ve worked on numerous O-1 situations from around the country.

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