Raccoons World – Unity Complete Project

Raccoons World – Unity Complete Project



In each level, you have to help the raccoon to reach the levels end and avoid enemies and obstacles along the way. You have a jump ability that can eb used for both jumping over obstacles and destroying enemies by jumping on them! You can also collect golden rings along the way that will increase your final score. You have 3 lives at the beginning of each level and will lose one if you are hit by an enemy. You can also gather additional lives during the levels. This game has 20 different levels, two rare environments and various enemies and can entertain players for some time.


–  20 different levels
–  2 rare environments
–  Various enemies
–  Cartoon graphics
–  Compatible with most mobile devices
–  Made with Unity Engine
–  Easy to customize


Unity 3D version 2018.3.13f1 or higher.


Install unity 2018.3.13f1 or higher version to load up the project and

see the read me file for details about editing, reskining and etc.

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