Recording MP3s – Three Mistakes to Avoid When Recording Audio

There are many ways to use audio to enhance the experience of your customers and possible customers. Maybe you want to offer a podcast for free, great number weekly conference calls that you record or have information products in an audio format.

You’ll want to present a specialized turn up and make a good first impression. To do this you’ll want to take care to create a quality audio recording. Here are some shared makes to avoid when recording mp3s for business:

1. Being Unprepared

In most situations you don’t want to just wing it with your audio. Think about someone who is just finding your company and this audio is their first introduction to you. What is the first impression you want to offer them with your audio? I’m betting you want to show them that you are the best choice to work with or buy from. That method you need to be prepared. No matter if you are interviewing a guest or creating an audio for a product be sure you are prepared.

You can prepare for your audio recording by:

– Having all the equipment and software you need.

– Knowing what you want to say by writing a script.

– Understanding what you need in order to have a great end consequence (this will vary depending on what that end consequence is).

2. Poor Sound Quality

Recording audio on the internet is a fairly easy task to attempt. There are software programs obtainable for free to let you record with a microphone on your computer or record over the telephone. It’s important to keep the sound quality in check so that your listeners can enjoy the experience as they learn from you.

Here are some things to keep in mind during recordings:

1. Prevent mouth clicking and other noises during podcasts and other recordings by keeping the microphone at a proper distance from your mouth. Test this out to see what works best for you.

2. Check the quantity to ensure you are not talking too loud or too quiet during the recording.

3. Use quality recording equipment (microphone and software) for best results.

3. Creating Long and Large Files

When you create audio and mp3 files for your subscribers or customers you must remember to consider the user experience. Make sure the files are an appropriate size and length. If you have an eight hour long audio consider breaking that up into a few parts so your listeners can consume it in ‘chunks’. This makes it easier for them to truly listen because they won’t be looking for an eight hour block of time to sit down and enjoy your recording.

Also make sure the file sizes are reasonable for the length of audio. It’s just good practice so they don’t take up more room then necessary on your listeners computer or mp3 player.

There are many great uses for audio to build your business online. Don’t let inexperience keep up you back and start creating great mp3s for hundreds or thousands of possible listeners to enjoy.

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