Setting Your Bottom Line In Sex Addiction Recovery

Setting Your Bottom Line In Sex Addiction Recovery

the time of action of recovery from sex addiction is long and challenging. Part of the recovery course of action involves setting your “bottom line.” Setting a bottom line is a shared concept in recovery from any form of addiction. the time of action of setting a bottom line isn’t necessarily a conscious one, but each addict will come to recognize or understand his or her bottom line throughout the recovery course of action. It can be useful to increasing rapidly a bottom line into three separate parts: red light, yellow light and green light.

Red light behaviors are sexual behaviors that are destructive, addictive and rule to sexual preoccupation and out-of-control behaviors. These include behaviors where already one example could rule to serious consequences such as arrest, transmission of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, loss of job and loss of a dominant relationship. Red light behaviors also include any behavior that “makes you crazy” or starts a sexually compulsive acting-out cycle. These are behaviors that an addict must commit not to include in, making them, his or her bottom line. Red light behaviors will differ from one sex addict to another, and each addict must discover and commit to on his or her own.

Yellow light behaviors can be broken down into two separate categories: border behaviors and caution behaviors. border behaviors are those that you cannot include in, but are not as harsh in their consequence as red light behaviors. Again, these behaviors will be different for each sex addict. A shared example of a border behavior might be viewing pornography on the Internet. Caution behaviors are those that you made the decision not to give up. However, you are nevertheless aware that they need to be observed to prevent them from spiraling out of control. A shared one may be masturbation. Again, each person will have different caution behaviors.. Yellow light behaviors can really go either way for a recovering sex addict. Some sex addicts may need to stay away from masturbation completely, while others may find it to be a healthy activity if closely self-observed. The meaningful with yellow light behaviors, both border and caution, is to know yourself and be able to recognize when your behaviors are close to getting out of control.

Green light behaviors are the behaviors on which you really should be focusing your energy in your daily life on the road to recovery from sex addiction. These behaviors include establishing healthy relationships, dating and engaging in healthy sexual behaviors with a partner. Work on making green light behaviors the focus of your energies each day and over time you will not already think about the yellow and red behaviors. The more you include in your new healthy lifestyle, the more fulfilling healthy sexual behaviors will become.

It can be hard at the outset of the recovery course of action to know what your bottom line is, but over time you will begin to recognize what behaviors are red, yellow and green.

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