Should You Insulate A Child’s Playhouse?

Should You Insulate A Child’s Playhouse?

We have three young children all close in age. In the summers, they use time at the community pool and enjoy some backyard time in the sandbox and on the swing. As parents we want to encourage them to use more time outside and less time in front of a television. We decided they could assistance from some imaginative play, so we opted to build them a playhouse for the backyard.

We spent some time perusing books to find a style we liked that we thought would fit their play styles and personalities. In the end we went with a two-story design with an overhead loft area and short stairs. The exterior of the playhouse is vinyl siding, to match our home. We’re only finishing the lower part of the interior (at the minimum for now) and wondered if anything would be attained by using insulation between the studs, separating the exterior wall board from the interior dry wall. After all, there wouldn’t be a source of heating or cooling in the playhouse. Did it matter if we put in insulation or not?

In the end, it’s a personal call. We live in a climate where there’s a lot of spring and fall, and both can have temps ranging in the 50’s. We figured if our kids were going to truly make use of the playhouse, we should do what we could to make sure they stayed comfortable. We had already run the wiring to bring electricity to it, so it seemed logical that with an oscillating fan or small ceramic heater, insulation would be a smart choice.

To help give the kids a sense of responsibility for their new “toy,” we enlisted their help with laying down inexpensive vinyl flooring and taping the wallboard joints. Their new special place should keep them happy and occupied for hours on end.

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