Smart POS

Smart POS


Inventory Management System with POS (Point of Sale) is a laravel
(php) based stock / inventory management system that allows you to
manage inventory, sales, purchases, customers, invoices, accept payments
and much more.

Update your stock information, make purchases
and view sales information from anywhere at any time. Whether you run a
small business or a large company, is the solution you need for managing
inventory, purchasing, sales – all in one app.



  1. Annual Sales Overview & Graph
  2. 5 Latest Sales
  3. 5 best selling products monthly & yearly


  1. Standard Products, Digital Products
  2. Product Category
  3. Add, edit, delete & view products
  4. Print Barcodes
  5. Import with CSV


  1. Add, edit, delete & view sales
  2. Payment (Multiple add, edit, delete)
  3. Accept online payments with Stripe, Paypal
  4. Sales Returns
  5. Add, edit, delete & view submissions


  1. Add, edit, delete & view citations
  2. Add a sale from a quote
  3. Download as pdf


  1. Add, edit, delete & view purchases
  2. Payment (Multiple add, edit, delete)
  3. Import with CSV


  1. Move the product to the warehouse
  2. Add, edit, delete & view transfers with position
  3. Import with CSV


  1. User-oriented design, touch screen friendly
  2. Defer sales, print orders & invoices
  3. Can characterize billing screen to customers
  4. Accept many payments
  5. Add sales, payment & staff records


  1. Add, edit, delete & view users, assign roles
  2. Add, edit, delete & view customers, collectors, suppliers
  3. Import customers, collectors, suppliers by CSV


  1. Warehouse stock overview & chart
  2. Product quantity & expiration warning
  3. Daily, monthly custom sales, payments, buy profit / loss reports
  4. Customers, suppliers, maturities, bestselling reports


  1. Edit Logo, Site Title
  2. Change POS settings
  3. Edit user profile, change password
  4. Create roles for users
  5. Add, edit, delete & view customer groups
  6. Add, edit, delete & view warehouse
  7. Add, edit, delete & view Tax rates
  8. Add, edit, delete & view brands
  9. Add, edit, delete & view units


  1. Multilingual (English, Indonesia)
  2. Table sorting (by column)
  3. Column visibility control
  4. Export table contents to CSV, PDF or Print (chosen column)
  5. Mail notification system additional for sales, quotes, returns & payment

Demo Link:
Admin Login: [email protected] / password


All our products are designed on most popular PHP framework Laravel. You need to have minimum requirement for running all our application. Please make sure that you have completed these requirements.

  • Preferred Server – Apache/Nginx
  • PHP Version >= 7.1
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • PHP Fileinfo Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Zip Archive PHP Extension
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled

Please observe if you try to install the application on any other server say LiteSpeed or IIS, you may get undesirable consequence. We do not recommend you to use other server than Apache or Nginx. Also we do not provide sustain for installation in server other than Apache.

Link :…



First Upload the Smart file to server. Then extract the zip file. Make sure that your server is showing hidden(.dot files) files.

Import Database

  • After unziping the downloaded folder you will find a folder named dbBackup. Inside it you will find smart_pos_db.sql.
  • Create a database on your phpmyadmin and import smart_pos_db.sql into the database.

Connect Database

  • Open Smart POS folder. Find .env hidden file. Open with text editor.
  • Change DB_DATABASE, DB_USERNAME, DB_PASSWORD with your database name, username and password.

After that login with username : admin password : admin

Composer Install

  • composer install

Change CHMOD

  • chmod -R 777 storage
  • chmod -R 777 public
  • chmod -R 777 bootstrap

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