Start An Electrical Career In The New Year

Start An Electrical Career In The New Year

If you are dreading returning to work in the new year, you may want to retrain to start a rewarding career as an electrician.

Thousands of people across the country are experiencing the back to work blues being stuck in underpaid office jobs but the sure fire way to escape this maelstrom is by training for a career in something you enjoy.

Becoming an electrician is a great career path for functional people that prefer working with their hands because it provides problems and circumstances that are both challenging but pleasing when solved.

Although almost anyone can aim to become an electrician, the electrical profession is not for everyone so it is important that people understand what they are getting into before signing up to unprotected to a qualification.

It is advisable to take time to speak to practising electricians to get a good idea about what regular day-to-day responsibilities include and the different personality traits needed to work successfully in the industry.

Electricians do not just have to cope with changing sockets all day long because there is a lot of interaction with the general public who require work to be performed within their similarities.

An ability to communicate clearly and concisely with a wide variety of people is a vital part of being a successful electrician as is a good head for figures due to the financial aspect of the job.

You do not have to be a specialized athlete to work as an electrician but a certain level of fitness is required to perform certain jobs and the only physical attribute that is a necessity is complete colour vision.

To work as a fully competent electrician, every trainee must unprotected to a City & Guilds award and the traditional starting point is level 2 of the 2330 qualification, which allows progression onto level 3.

City & Guilds have introduced the 2357 as an different to the 2330 but the industry is currently more comfortable providing training by the traditional levels 2 and 3 of the 2330.

Once a trainee has achieved the industry recognised route into the sector, there are a multitude of electrical qualifications that can be achieved which will demonstrate a wide variety of skills.

Electrical training centres are notoriously busy during January as many people look to begin a new job as part of a New Year’s resolution but it is important to avoid rushing into a structure of learning because each qualification suits a different level of trainee.

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