Staying Human in an Online World

Staying Human in an Online World

Here I am again writing about what I enjoy doing and putting together the finishing touches on more video material. I have been in my “so call lab” for approximately 36 hours and it just dawned on me that I haven’t had without much human interaction. I am totally hard at work, closing deals, eating good food and just being in my zone that it finally hit me that I am literally living in my own world and not feeling too good about it.

Funny thing is, I made a living being out in the marketplace “shaking hands and kissing babies” like a politician on the campaign trail. You could find me at networking meetings, chamber of commerce events, conferences and other marketing meetings talking to prospects and clients for more deals to close. However, in the past year or so with my current interest in learning and employing all aspects of technology and social media, I find myself getting further away from human interaction. I must let in that it starting to feel a little strange because most of my daily activities now are centered around getting things done on my computer.

Let us visit my world a little bit and this is what you will see. There are articles to write, videos to record, blogs to post, email campaigns to get out, conference calls to prospects, and on and on. I can become so secluded in my own thoughts and listening to webinars and working with online mentors, that at the end of the day, I realize that I haven’t reached out and made any physical contact with a Human Being.

For you that has started an online business or maybe chose to be a stay at home mom or dad, you understand that you must have the discipline to work from home and possibly in some form of isolation. Everyone is different in their work ethic and personality makeup and for some of you, working in this kind of ecosystem may be what it takes for you to build your dynasty. What do you do when you are on the opposite end of the spectrum where you may need that human interaction just to keep your wits about you. Here are three meaningful things to do when this situation fits you.

1. Take breaks after you have completed a top priority task or a bundle of responsibilities and allow this to be a reward of some sort for you being productive. Go get some cookies or a quick workout in and then get back to it. Remember to say hello to someone and find out what make someone else tick.

2. When setting up your weekly schedule, make an appointment for breakfast or lunch with a friend, mentor or colleague on Thursday or Friday. By doing this, you will allow yourself some time to get some productive projects completed and then can make some outside time to sharpen the saw with your “inner course of action” confront to confront.

3. Prospect and make friends when you are out getting some coffee or running errands. The enormous use of the internet and social media has increased the chances of losing your skills of remarkable a conversation with a total stranger and developing a friend or client in this manner.

Do your best to not allow working on the computer and all of these tools of technology trump your need of human interaction. We are all put on this earth to learn from and with each other and trust me on this, we as humans will come up with a way be it serious or hilarious, to not let you down when it comes to providing some valuable content for videos, articles or blogs to proportion with others. Thanks and let’s meet at a Starbucks somewhere!

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