Steamboat Resort opens Saturday with a tiny fraction of skiable terrai…

Steamboat resort will open for skiing and riding on Saturday and Beaver Creek is expected to open on Monday, bringing the number of Colorado ski areas in operation to 15.

Both Steamboat and Beaver Creek had to postpone their before scheduled openings due to mild weather. Steamboat was scheduled to open last Saturday and Beaver Creek was scheduled to open this past Wednesday.

Steamboat will open five trails on 20 acres. That’s less than 1% of the resort’s total skiable acres of 2,965.

“This has been a particularly dry and warm pre-season,” Dave Hunter, Steamboat’s vice president of resort operations, said in a news release. “Snowmaking depends on wet-bulb temperatures, which is a combination of temperatures and low humidity to create the ideal temperature for mimicking Mother character. Our five-year average wet bulb temperature is 15 degrees, and this season our average wet bulb temperature has been 20 degrees. Those additional five degrees make a huge difference. Ideal snowmaking conditions range between 12-18 degrees. We’ve asked a lot of our snowmakers, and they have stepped up to the challenge.”

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