Stock Trading Courses Part 2

In part one we discussed some of the elements surrounding the delivery of stock speculation courses, in this article we will continue with this theme.

Spread betting, when speculating by spread betting companies who offer the trading platform will often levy the cost or some of the cost of the platform from what is referred to as the spread.

Now when you are trading you have to factor in the fact that as you make decisions the profits accrued on the trade, will be smaller due to the ‘Spread’.

The actual profit accrued is calculated from taking away the ‘Spread’ which is an agreed number of points that will be subtracted from the total number of points made within that session. Often the spread will vary on different trading instruments and of course on different trading platforms.

This is how the platform provider is able to keep the overall cost of the platform free, by taking the revenue from the trader via the ‘Spread’

Markets do have a time when they are open and said to be live and a period when they are outside of the live trading hours, the market can be traded at either of these times in most situations. However The thing to bear in mind is that on certain platform vendors the spread will also vary depending on whether you are trading during session trading times or trading outside of the trading market time

Another thing to take into account when you are trading is that with some trading vendors you are truly trading against them not the live market. Now this might sound confusing but on some spread betting platforms you place the trade with the vendor and they place the trade with the Live market.

Some people feel that trading directly with the market via an electronic platform is a much better way of trading since doing things this way method that the trade can be placed quicker and the exit can also be activated very quickly.

Here in the UK you will find many platform vendors that offer the platform for trading. The actual graphical tool used to give a visual indication of the market movement is called a charting package. Some vendors truly offer trading platforms and do not give you a graphical charting package, so this is something you need to mindful of when trading the markets.

Companies who run stock trading courses often have relationships with some of the platform vendors so to some extent by these relationships you may be able to get some sort of deal on the use of the platform.

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