Stylish Fancy Fonts – Android Source code

Stylish Fancy Fonts - Android Source code


Stylish Fancy Font is made with Motive to provide stylish look to Smart Phone with attractive Fonts. It has various fonts with moment preview so you can take a look how exactly font will look. 

Fancy Fonts is made with Motive to provide Fancy look to Text with attractive Fonts and Text Style.
Let’s write in Fancy Fonts and Fancy Text send to anyone


★Best UI Design
Fast, easy to use, friendly interface.

★Styles Popup
Use Stylish Text Floating Bubble, Floating Bar or Text Selection Menu option everywhere without opening the main application every-time.

★Favorite Styles
Manage list of most used styles. Use them with Floating Bubble or Floating Bar and set random order to style each information in different way.

★Input Options
Change your typed text into Capitals, Small, Random, Camel and Reverse Camel situations.

★Style Editor
Create new styles or edit existing with options to add signs or Emoji around the letters, words and phrases, replace a letter with other letters or customize spacing between words etc.

★signs Picker
Select from a collection of thousands of special unicode signs for decorative greetings and nick names.With application , you can create signs like “꧁༺I❤Lⓞⓥⓔ💖Yⓞⓤ༻꧂” 🎉😄😘 🎉.


1.  Android Studio (Updated version 3+)

2. Android OS (version 16+) 

3. Android and android tablets sustain

4. Java (Development language) 


# Unzip pacakge.
# Open Android Project in to android stdio.
# Run application on your device.

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