Test Your SHTF Survival IQ and Your Chances Of Surviving An Economic Collapse

Test Your SHTF Survival IQ and Your Chances Of Surviving An Economic Collapse

So you think you know as much as a “Doomsday Prepper” and you’re ready to survive all the chaos of an economic collapse? Take this simple quiz and see how you stack up against hard chief preppers and survivalists.

1) What Does TEOTWAWKI Stand For?

2) What South American Country Had An Economic Collapse in 2001?

3) What Is The Difference Between A Prepper And A Survivalist?

4) What country in Africa had hyperinflation, printing $100 Trillion bills in 2009?

5) What major European city was under siege for nearly 4 years in the 1990’s, which provides us with valuable lessons for urban survival?

6) Name the expert who called the collapse of the housing bubble, publishing a book a year before it happened?

7) Which famous billionaire has expected the rapid decline of America and moved his family to Asia in 2011 because of his fears of what will happen?

8) If the strength goes out, will most homes that are “off the grid” with elaborate solar systems be totally fine?

9) What kind of clothing, called “death cloth” by backpackers, do you NOT want to be wearing if you’re stranded far from home and have to walk a long distance in bad weather?

10) If you are away from home when a disaster strikes, how long will you be able to get by on the emergency supplies in your trunk?


1) The End Of The World As We Know It

2) Argentina

3) A Survivalist is more concerned with bugging out of the city, self-defense and having a long-term survival retreat location.

4) Zimbabwe

5) Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina.

6) Peter Schiff wrote the book “Crash Proof.”

7) Jim Rogers

8) No. Most homes that claim to be “off the grid” produce a surplus of electricity during the day, but at night require the strength grid to keep things running, because huge battery storage systems are not functional.

9) Cotton is called “death cloth” because when it gets wet, it stays wet a long time and drains heat from your body, possibly causing hypothermia.

10) Hopefully three days…

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