The Benefits Of Heat Recovery Ventilation

The Benefits Of Heat Recovery Ventilation

There are quite a number of mechanical ventilation methods that you can choose from. However, heat recovery ventilation is one of the best. It has a large number of advantages including cost-effectiveness and as its name indicates energy recovery. Here are those benefits explained.

Cost Effective

The system includes two vents of air that run similar to each other. The air in the two tubes flow counter to each other. One of the tubes lets in fresh air while the other is a passage for the stale. The exhaled air tends to be warmer. The system takes advantage of this and the heat from the outgoing air is transferred to the incoming air, which is warmed before being released for circulation in the room. This rule gives the system its name – Heat Recovery Ventilator.

This system is cost effective because it saves you the money you would need to heat up your home when it gets cold. You also save up on electricity bills. You pay for one system that gives you all you need. Your home is ventilated and heated at the same time.

Air Changing

Having this system in your washroom eliminates the need for you to get an air freshener. It is set according to the Building Code of Australia standards to have an air change rate (ACH or ac/hr.) of at the minimum 4 per hour. Though up to 10 changes per hour is permissible.

Mode Of Working

Mechanical devices are expected to be noisy because of the impact they make while working. One amazing characterize about most HRV Units is that they have been alternation so they work so quietly, and only a low hum or lulling buzz may be heard from them. In fact, replacing any one of these with an different ventilation method might prove too noisy for you after you use a HRV unit.

Other Benefits

Like all other ventilation methods, HRV saves you the nightmare of having mold in your home. It also keeps the humidity at safe levels. Without proper ventilation, termites may move into your home and bore by timber. Mold may cause harsh allergies and damage the neural system. Also, damp air hanging in a room creates a stale smell.

A HRV system is sometimes better than natural ventilation that requires you to open your windows. If you live next to a busy street or nosy neighborhood, it would be uncomfortable for you. With this system, you can close your windows and rely on the vents to draw the outside air in and release the stale. It works quietly unlike other mechanical machines.

additional units can be additional in wet areas in the home, like the bathroom and kitchen which tend to be damper. The extractor fans in these units are usually more powerful for the same reason.

The system needs to comply With Australian Standard 3666.1 titled ‘Air Handling and Water Systems of Building-Microbial Control’. The other standard is number 1668.2 titled ‘Mechanical Ventilation for permissible Indoor Air Quality’.

Choose a renowned firm to install a HRV system in your home so you enjoy breathing in clean, dry and fresh air.

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