The Coronavirus And Its Spread by Information Suppression

Like everyone else I’ve been bombarded with news and information concerning the “Coronavirus”. Can’t help feel the pressure from this viral sudden increase when you walk into a supermarket and there’s no toilet paper. Every kind of paper fit to wipe yourself is gone from a panic that is produced only by people who live their lives in a panic. There’s absolutely no shortages of anything except the shortages that are being produced by the panicked people who are hoarding for no good reason. This hoarding causes people who are not panicked to hoard also.

Of course the “Coronavirus” came to the United States via naturalized immigrants who went to Wuhan China to visit their families. Most likely these naturalized U.S. Citizens brought to the United States the virus along with their family members from Wuhan China on visa’s as the Chinese government canceled all domestic flights in China but let international flights out of Wuhan China proceed. News reports did state many U.S. Citizens of Chinese heritage were sickened with the Coronavirus in and out of the United States.

There’s many Chinatown’s in the United States and what I’m noticing is all the heavy outbreaks of this virus are in large cities with a Chinatown and heavily populated areas near large bodies of water. Tourism is big time by Chinatowns in the U.S. so it’s not a surprise the virus is in every town and city across the United States.

I already know positively that most if not all flu viruses come from China and this has already been established. It’s been reported that U.S. drug representatives go to China each year before the flu season and get a sample of the flu virus and create a flu vaccine before the flu virus migrates to the United States. Some years the flu vaccines produced are great and some years the vaccine produced is inadequate.

Because of the suppression of the spread by the Chinese government and the U.S. democrat party thousands of people worldwide are now deceased. The Chinese want to save confront for their deadly blunder and the U.S. democrat party want China to be apart of their globalization efforts no matter what. It’s understood now already by the most relaxed democrats that the democrat party is leaning towards a communist kind of government and their media is pushing the false understanding that complete government control can create solutions the democrat party never was able to unprotected to under Barack Obama’s 8 years in the presidency with a democrat stranglehold of congress.

The laboratory in Wuhan China where it’s said the Coronavirus came from is located next to a large river. The Coronavirus seems to do well in moist climates next to large bodies of water. Really large outbreaks are in coastal regions of the United States and near waterways. Las Vegas I expected to have a large sudden increase as New York because of the enormous tourism and the Chinatown there but there’s only 3000 situations with 139 deaths countywide (Clark County) due to the dry climate in my own opinion where moisture evaporates soon after leaving a persons mouth.

The desert southwest is very dry naturally already when it rains and except for some situations (under 500 infections and under 200 deaths) in the big counties of Clark (Las Vegas, NV.), Maricopa (Phoenix, AZ.) and Pima (Tucson, AZ.) which have enormous tourism and immigrants the desert southwest maybe the best place to be during this Coronavirus sudden increase, just stay out of the 3 cities listed above.

Quote From Sciencing: Another characteristic of a dry climate is that evaporation is often greater than precipitation. This results in a climate that lacks ground moisture due to the low average rainfall and rapid evaporation of the precipitation that does fall.

What I’m saying is the droplets that are ejected while talking and sneezing dry up really fast in the desert southwest while droplets that are ejected in coastal cities stay moist for 2 or more hours. The north central United States and Alaska have the fewest Coronavirus outbreaks but that appears to be due to the without of huge population centers, chinese immigrants and tourism.

As for shutting down the United States I guess it had to be done since very few confront masks were obtainable for public use. I surely hope the United States government will pull as much basic and non basic manufacturing as they can out of China and back to the United States. The governors and federal government could have saved United States Citizens a lot of pain and hardship if they had given away free confront masks to everyone in the country. Shutting down the economy had to be done to save lives since past elected leaders gave United States manufacturing away.

Opening the United States economy back up and containing the spread of the Coronavirus should be done by “confront Masks”. Many people I see already have and use confront masks but many do not. A law requiring everyone to use confront masks, “? ” as a health concern measure wouldn’t be bad if free or affordable confront masks were obtainable for the working poor and homeless. Unintentionally making someone else sick isn’t a crime but should be kept to a minimum. The police will have a rough time identifying criminals but the virus will die out. The Chinese government hoarded over two billion confront masks and I’m betting everyone in Wuhan China was given one. Two Trillion dollars were spent in the United States to shore up businesses and families and I expect it would have been less expensive with no harm to the economy if the United States government had enough confront masks to give to people in Coronavirus break out areas.

People who are young and naturally have an intake of the daily percentage value of the vitamin “Zinc” which is 15mg most likely will ward off and not contract the Coronvirus. Zinc is a natural deterrent of the Coronavirus and older people most likely do not absorb enough of this mineral or do not take a supplement. I heard our president “Donald Trump” say he has to import more Zinc in a short statement as he was walking out of one of his daily Coronavirus briefings. I myself already am vitamin heavy because of medical conditions that plague me. “Zinc” has been a regular with me for years now along with other vitamins. A person can nevertheless contract the Coronavirus taking Zinc but Zinc is a big time deterrent the Coronavirus cannot survive with.

The economy should be kept closed in areas and I average areas of high outbreaks that should be given confront masks for everyone to use. Areas of light outbreaks should be given confront masks also but keep the area economies open. Areas with no outbreaks should be let to function freely. The economy has to be restarted and as long as confront masks are keeping the Coronavirus from being ejected from a persons mouth there’s no harm no foul. It’s said that many Coronavirus carriers do not characterize symptoms so a confront disguise over everyone’s airways stopping droplet ejections seems to be the likely cure until the Coronavirus dies out naturally due to not being able to spread.

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