The Four Main Psychic Senses

There are four main psychic senses that we use to gain information and guidance from our Higher Self (otherwise known as the Holy Spirit), or from other dimensions. They are: clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing).

You may have one dominant clair ability that comes more naturally to you, or a combination of a few or already all of them. My dominant clair ability is clairsentience, as I often get strong intuitive feelings that I have learned to trust and follow, however, it is also combined with senses of ‘knowing’, ‘hearing, ‘and sometimes I do receive various kinds of visual images.

If you feel that you might be psychically confined, you can ask the angels or your guides to help, and try using some psychic development tools such as clearing your chakras (such as your third eye or crown), or cutting cords with any past lives where you may have been killed, persecuted or frowned upon for your psychic ability. As strange as it may sound to some, it is not uncommon for people to have been witches, priestesses, shamans or healers in past lives. We can carry karma and hidden memories from these life times, or they may affect us on subtle emotional, physical or mental levels. You may also have confined yourself from seeing or experiencing anything paranormal or supernatural because of an experience from your past that spooked you, or a general fear of having a visitation or experience of some kind.


Clairaudience is a French information that method “clear hearing.” It is the psychic ability to hear with your inner ear, but can also relate to your outer physical ear. You may hear a message (information or sentence), in your inner ear, or from overhearing a real near you for example. already when something ‘clicks’ as a person is talking is a sign of clairaudience in action.

Guidance can also come in the form of a sound or music. This can include hearing a certain song title or lyrics. In this case your ears are acting as a receptor of Divine knowledge, by the occurrence of sound, and are often manifested by the workings of synchronicity and Divine intervention. On the downside, clairaudients can be very sensitive to intrusive noises, and can feel overwhelmed when they are bombarded with loud, clashing or sharing characteristics sounds.

I have experienced clairaudience in the form of bells ringing; angels laughing or hearing repeated words, sentences or phrases. I have also had angels or people’s loved ones in spirit whisper in my ear. Angelic warnings of impending danger are often delivered clairaudiently too. I was warned of a possible unhealthy experience, in addition as an earthquake, by being told in my mind, just before it happened.

To develop your clairaudience, you can work on clearing your ear chakras. Another good trick is to use some time being nevertheless, and taking notice of all the sounds around you, from the gentle humming of your fridge, to a truck driving past, an aeroplane in the sky, birds singing, murmurs from people walking by, and already your own breath. Honing in on your hearing helps you have sharper audient skills so that you begin to fine-tune your hearing and ascertain the difference between sounds on the earth plane, and messages from Spirit; not to mention squelch the ego that only wants to cause you to doubt and question anything you may hear.


Claircognizance method clear ‘knowing’ or ‘thinking.’ It is when you feel with all your being that you just ‘know’ something as a certainty. There have been times when I have received information clairaudiently, such as a repeated information, which was followed by what I would call a ‘gut knowing.’ It is a definite, indisputable sense that you know something is a true fact, already if you have no concrete way of knowing.

Some claircognizants have an uncanny ability to know facts that they couldn’t have possibly known otherwise. They are able to receive information from the higher realms, like etheric downloads if you will. Sometimes they may already surprise how they knew something! They also may intuit information about a person or place that they have never met or been to before. When I lived in Japan, I had many claircognizant experiences where I just knew information about people who were otherwise strangers I was meeting for the first time – travellers and vagabonds! I received quite specific information about them which astounded me when they confirmed they were true.

Claircognizants are often intellectual. They are thorough thinkers, analysers and easily retain and articulate information. Claircognizants are often good at obtaining solutions for their problems by their Divine cognitive skill. If you feel that you may have some claircognizant ability, pay attention to any ideas, knowledge or information that you receive, especially when they are repetitive and really trying to catch your mind’s attention. Always trust in what you get and take action consequently.

If you would like to polish your claircognizant skills, work on clearing your crown chakra, which is the chakra related to universal consciousness. When this chakra is clear and open, it will be a more efficient receptical of Divine information.


Clairsentience method ‘clear feeling.’ It is when your intuition is guided by your feelings. It may be a gut feeling, a bodily sensation or reaction such as shivers, goose bumps or a flutter or tightening in the stomach. Your body in addition as aura is a sensitive receptor which can be affected by the energies of other people, their thoughts and emotions, environments, and already spiritual occurrences. Empaths who are particularly sensitive by character can have a hard time monitoring their own energy due to what they consciously or unconsciously pick up from other people, places or situations. This can also include world events, weather patterns and environmental factors; not to mention physical pain and discomfort. I tend to very easily pick up if someone has been crying, or is sad or depressed. It has taken many years to ascertain that these are emotions from other people, instead of my own! As you can imagine, being clairsentient can be potentially toxic, taxing and testing!

Clairsentients can feel the presence of angels, spirits and other spiritual beings. As clairsentience is my predominant psychic ability, I ingemination an event where I was at a children’s party, of all places. I suddenly felt at disease, emotional and moody and I could not work out why. As it happened, I was sitting next to an experienced psychic with clairvoyant ability who told me that a spirit of the lower vibrations was in the room. That was a huge ‘aha’ moment for me, as it confirmed how much I was being affected by things that I didn’t already know existed! My friend quietly sent the spirit off and cleared the space without me knowing, and I closest felt the difference in the room.

To enhance and nurture your precious clairsentient skills, try clearing you heart chakra, which can get so affected by our own in addition as other’s emotions, thought and feelings. Make sure that you are well shielded, grounded and protected psychically at all times. It will make a noticeable difference in your mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being.


Clairvoyance is the most commonly known clair ability. It is often used as a general term for anyone who does some form of psychic work. The real meaning of clairvoyance is ‘clear seeing,’ or ‘second sight.’ It denotes seeing with either your physical eye, or your mind’s eye. To understand what this method, think of how your mind works when you are imagining, visualising or recalling a visual image, or daydreaming. Clairvoyance works in much the same way. There have been times where I have seen with my mind’s eye, as a kind of mental image of Archangel Michael leaning over me or another person. This was accompanied by my clairsentient feeling of his presence as firm and protective but also extremely kind and humorous. When more than one sense is in action, it is a validation that what you are experiencing is indeed real.

People with clairvoyant skills are often very ‘visual’ people who notice their surroundings and have an eye for detail. They may be creative types with an acute sense of aesthetics. If you are clairvoyant, you may notice fine details about a location, or people’s clothing, gestures and facial expressions for example.

You may have had a ‘dream visitation’ of a spiritual being or departed loved one. These dreams are usually considerably vivid and moving, more clear and spiritually meaningful than your usual dreams. Some people have also had ‘visions’ while awake. These appear as a kind of movie. Visions are powerful, powerful and unforgettable. The gift of prophecy also falls under this category. Nostradamus, for example was considerably clairvoyant!

Just as clairaudience can pertain to hearing with your physical ears, clairaudience can also include messages coming in the form of something you see or notice with your physical eye. This could be a sign such as a feather, bird, number combination, visual image or information that you see. An example of this is when I was when I was on my way one day to a gathering of likeminded Angel Intuitives. As I was driving, I could ‘feel’ (with my clairsentience) that the energy in the place and between the people was amazing, very high vibrational and building up quickly. Then, just as I was thinking this, I past a huge advertising sign that read “The energy is high!” You could only imagine my astonishment and excitement! Well I have pushed on that same highway every week for years, I had never seen that sign either before or after that day!

Those with exceptional clairvoyant skills can see spirits, angels, fairies and other spiritual beings, in addition as auras and light anomalies such as sparks or flashes of light or orbs. They may also see objects or signs which may have specific personal or universal meaning.

Which psychic sense(s) do you most resonate with?

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