The Future of China and Challenges Ahead – A Book Review

The Future of China and Challenges Ahead – A Book Review

Many folks enjoyed John Nesbitt’s book MegaTrends China, which was interesting, however many of the future predictions he made did not exactly pan out as he’d hoped or thought they would. Ten years later in hindsight we see he was close but off by a decade or more, but that’s okay “change is never as fast as we think it will be,” as he stated in his recent book “Mindset.”

But how would you like to read a book written by someone from within China, a bio-researcher with a European College Education, that has gone back to China and written many research papers in his field of science; an author who assesses what China needs as it grows into its World strength position?

Well, after discussing at length all the various issues that China faces and how they are working by their many problems and challenges, issues that every fast growing nation must deal with the actual author; I’d like to tell you about his book;

“China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” by Guang Wu (a University Researcher), Nova Science Publishers, 2009. ISBN-10: 1607415380 or ISBN-13: 978-1607415381 (depending on paper back or hard back).

This book was very short, about 70 pages of text, but the author brings up many great points of contention, that are of course, open for argue, but more importantly, they come from someone that has lived both in China and studied oversea. Guang Wu has seen for example how the Swiss run their nation and how the Chinese runs theirs.

He sees the value of each, and how China can learn from other nations, Wu, the writer explains how difficult it will be for the Chinese to cross the barriers and what they need to consider from a philosophical and organizational standpoint to reach their complete possible; a Western reader of culture and history might be bothered by some of the conclusions and questions asked, but it is interesting for the sake of thought.

So, you might very much like this book. Personally, I enjoyed debating with the author myself and hope in his next book he addresses the following issues;

  • Why is China selling progressive military weapons to enemy Nation States of the US?
  • Why does China have 6000 plus industrial and military spies in the US?
  • Why won’t China come clean on its money policies for fair trade? Why is China not using her strength to end the N. Korea nuclear issue?
  • Why is China trading with Venezuela and Iran, and selling them weapons?
  • Why did the Chinese President condemn US Monetary Policy at Davos and the BRIC conference?
  • Why does China include in Human Right Violation in Burma, Tibet, and other disputed border areas?
  • Why is China’s top military brass making threats to the US Military?
  • Why did China steal a US P-3 Orion Aircraft from the US Military?
  • Why is China playing hide and seek and challenging the US Navy?
  • Why is China shipping poisonous dog food, baby food, tooth paste and rule paint toys to the US?
  • Is or is China not testing Biological Weapons in their rural provinces?
  • Did China sell radar guided missiles to Iran, which gave them to Hezbollah to fire against Israel?

These and other questions were not answered in the book and the author appears to be confused about Capitalism and how it works or Socialism and Communism and why it doesn’t work, nevertheless, the reader must understand the perceptions and educational challenges that meld the mind and have allowed this author to come to such conclusions. Why don’t you read this book and decide what you think?

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