The Internet Marketing Dilemma

The Internet Marketing Dilemma

Whether you are promoting an actual network marketing opportunity or you are directly marketing yours or someone elses product or service, you confront the same dilemma. You have to cut by what I call the “fog of war”. The confusion that results from any valiant effort to break into the internet marketing business.

There is so much chaos in the form of continued promotion of network marketing opportunities or information products that are supposed to be the “new” holy grail of in any case it is they tell you to do. Automated scripts and programs that presumably take all of the work out of building a dream income by automatically building unlimited sites and delivering a continued stream of rare content and deliver SEO sets in the time of action. Really? These products truly represent hope. That is the real product hope. You buy them hoping that they will solve your marketing problems but they never do.

The truth is that believing in the sales pitches that come with these types of products is a natural consequence of attempting to learn the trade of online marketing without having a person or group of people to guide you by the fog.

If you wanted to learn to be a plumber, you would have to apprentice under an established plumber or get into a program that pairs you with experienced people because some things cannot be learned just by reading a book. Sometimes you need a group of people around you and obtainable to answer seemingly simple question that are often basic to an inexperienced person’s forward movement. In the online world it is very difficult to decipher among the people who are offering their sets as online marketing mentors. It is not a question of honesty. It is a question of whether or not they are offering a training community or a set of text, audio and video training materials with no people there to fill in the holes.

Do not misunderstand me. There is some great training material out there and some great programs and scripts that help to automate an established business. But these are simply tools to be employed along the way. There is no replace getting in the trenches and learning your way around a C-panel. It’s simpler than you think. Also learning how to build a capture page, work with an autoresponder, use Google analytics, etc.

Unfortunately for me the first few years I spent in online marketing were spent like a ping-pong ball trying to learn on my own, not believing in anyone in particular as a mentor. Not really getting much traction.

I was fortunate enough to have run into a particular person who I knew was in the trenches because I could see his stuff. He introduced me to his mentoring group and the rest is history,

It was a simple deal that he offered me. He asked me for a dollar. In return for that dollar he gave me a 14 day trial to the complete GVO platform. In addition to that he gave me complete access to the Inner course of action Skype chat room in addition as the Inner course of action Training Site. This meant 24 hour access to training on the site and a way to get questions answered by other members of the Inner course of action. It also meant that I would have a complete 2 weeks to estimate the value of GVO and The Inner course of action.

For those of you who have not heard of GVO before, it is a platform that offers Unlimited Reseller Domain Hosting, a private video hosting platform, a private conference room, unlimited specialized autoresponder lists, website monitoring software in addition as a load of graphics, marketing materials and training videos. In short, everything an online marketer will need to effectively move forward. And they will pay you a hefty commission for anyone you refer to GVO.

The guy told me that I could use everything, try it out, already make money with it, but at the end of 14 days I would have to pay $44.95 monthly for the GVO Platform and the Inner course of action Membership would keep free. His offer knocked my socks off. It was a no brainer so I went for it.

They literally spoon fed me the information I needed to get my marketing funnel set up. Within a associate of days I had a working marketing funnel set up and running. By the time day 14 arrived I was scrambling to make sure I had the right credit card in place to pay for my first month with GVO. I didn’t want to lose the GVO Platform but I also and importantly did not want to lose the valuable but free Inner course of action Membership.

If you are serious about online marketing, you need to find a system that is both economical and offers all of the tools you will need to function and most importantly you will need to search for a group that offers training and mentoring 24 hours a day.

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