The Last Chance I Need (A Declamation Piece)

I’m tired and ineffective… My legs are heavy while I walk the streets to nowhere. Can you tell me where I am? The road is long and my life lost its direction… Can you already see me or hear me? Ah! I don’t think so. I feel so invisible, like I don’t already exist. In the eyes of the righteous, I AM INVISIBLE! Would you dare to pause and think for a second – what I have gone by? What kind of life I had? Please don’t condemn me!

Life has been beautiful, but it was my choice why life has been hard to me. Years ago, we were high. I lived a life complete of chances – chances to succeed and build a future out of my parents’ hard work. But what did I do? I was so stupid to set aside my dreams and just focused on enjoying life. Yes, I was a brat!!!! And I was too carefree… I can’t already remember if I REALLY HAD A DREAM. Ha ha ha ha! Those were the days of sin – enjoying extravagance here and there, oh yes! It started out as fun, fun, fun!!! Little did I know – I was getting hooked into drugs. Yes! I became an addict at an early age and I let it consume me till the end of my days.. The thing is… I allowed to be enslaved by drugs and it was so difficult to break the keep up that the drug had on me. My urge was so strong that I can’t control myself to the point of betraying my loved ones just to acquire it. Yes I was a sinner… and all my miseries and tribulations are outcome of my wrong choice. My heart broke as I saw my weeping parents slowly pulling away from me… Little by little, I realized I was losing the most important people in my life.

I can feel my body slowly deteriorating. Oh God! Please help me get by this struggle! Forgive me for being a failure to the people I love most – for remarkable their hearts with my wicked ways… I am unforgivable! Yes… I let in, I tortured my family every time they saw me drowning in my shameful addiction. But nevertheless, my parents decided to bring me to rehab. It was a stormy night I can never forget. On our way, we had a tragic car accident that took my parents away from me. I wish I was the one who died instead of them!!! And there, with my endless grief, I was left with no one in my quest to change. I know my parents didn’t die in vain… I know they wanted me to come out and show the world I can change. Slowly I crawled out of the car and out of the blue, I heard a loud explosion. BANG!!! As I looked back, I saw our car burning with my parents inside! I fell down on my knees, so helpless and depleted… Help!!! Will somebody please help us??? I’m so scared, I am shivering and cold.

The last chance I need, I thought was gone… gone too soon with my parents’ passing… But no!!! Life must go on… I need help, please listen to me! – Have mercy on a sinner like me! Take me to rehab, I beg you! Please take me anywhere where I can be given a new hope.. I know God sent you… you are His instrument to rule my way back.. I beg you.. Please give me the chance, the last chance I need to save my life…

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