The Six Steps to The Top of Your Pay Plan

It’s amazing how many great trainers there are in this Network Marketing Industry, all out there as personal development coaches, inspiring and assisting others to unprotected to there greatness and to live an abundant life. In my constant dedication to being a student of the Network Marketing Industry I was recently introduced to Margie Aliprandi. Margie shared her story of her 21 plus years in the network marketing industry and her amazing successes. Here in this article I will summaries what Margie spoke about on the topic of “The 6 Steps to Reach the Top Of Your Pay Plan”

Margie stresses the importance of action which includes immediate, enormous and consistent action. When you do this you create momentum and urgency and things do ultimately get easier. She also discussed persistence, saying – Do not look at today’s results to determine whether of not this business is working for you. Realize that what you are working on today will show up in 6 months. Network Marketing is not about get high quick. You need patience and persistence to view this business the right way.

So how did Margie Aliprandi’s 6 Steps To The Top of Your Pay Plan come about?

Well this plan came about in the year of 1998 when Margie wanted to unprotected to a rank no one had ever achieved in her company. You see Margie decided to go for the Crown Diamond position. At the time Margie did not know how to get to the top of her pay plan but she decided she was going to get there and once she achieved this she knew exactly how to get to the top of her pay plan and she called it “The Journey to Crown Diamond”. Today she teaches this procedure as The 6 Steps to the Top of the Pay Plan.

Some years back Margie was working with Rhonda Byrne the creator of the Movie called the Secret. She was working with her with an affirmation software program and was consumed with the creation course of action. Margie stated that “We are always creating either by design or by default”. She knew there was more than ask, believe, and receive. She knew there were definitely actions in there but she want to know what other steps there were to be more intentional about creating at all event you wanted either in business or in life.

What did it take to move an idea from an ethereal state to the physical manifestation and what truly obstruct it. Collaborating with the people from the Secret she came with a 6 step course of action to do just about anything. These steps can be used to get to the top of your pay plan and these are really the 6 steps to create anything you want in life.

These steps will also have tremendous impact to so many areas of your life. So getting right into it we will start with

Step 1:Belief. Belief is so important because it shapes everything we experience. Everything we get in life is determined by our beliefs. Beliefs about life, ourselves, and money are the goggles we see the world by. Our beliefs govern our experience. Do you believe you are one who gets things done or do we have erroneous belief that may be limiting your success?

Once you adopt a belief you tend to look for evidence to sustain that belief and you will find it. What you are looking for. Much of this is also in the subconscious mind.

So what are the beliefs you should have for Network Marketing?

First off, you need to totally believe in the industry! You also need to believe in your product or service and you also need to believe in yourself as a business person. This will come by in every conversation you have. If you believe that Network Marketing is the best industry out there you will not be frazzled by the questions “Is that one of those pyramid schemes?” You will take it lightly and jokingly but if you have some hidden shame you will not know how to address this question properly.

The most important is your belief in yourself and you ability to rule. The good news is by follow and doing certain things you can develop unshakable belief in network marketing — fall in love with it and with your companies products and leadership. You will develop unshakable confidence in yourself and rule a giant team. If you are wanting to develop this unbelievable belief in network marketing then interview someone who has achieved great success in the industry and ask them why do they love network marketing? What has it done for their family? Why do you have such confidence in what it can do? and what have you achieved in network marketing?

You must also become a student of the industry of network marketing and study and learn from those who have produced great success in the industry and listen to no one else. Move into action with the help and sustain of a mentor. You don’t have to be perfect out of the gate. Sometimes life is tough and we can lose believe in ourselves but you can start at any level and begin to believe in yourself in little steps to grow into your greatness. Life is a journey and with consistent action you will unprotected to your dreams.

Step 2: The strength of Decision. Decision plays two parts. First decide what you want. People are so busy these days, running around on autopilot and they get away from what they really want and what their “Why” is. What do you really want? What is the song within you that you nevertheless wants to sung. Are you going to die with your music nevertheless in you? What is your reason beyond the money? When you have the “why” you will figure out the how.

The other side is to be a decisive person. Build your life by design. Its better to either be in or be out of your network marketing company. Being on the fense is the hardest part. When you make a committed unequivocal decision you will prevail. That is the strength of having a really committed decision. Write it down, speak it out loud and take action. Speaking it out loud bring it into the physical world. Then take some action within a matter of hours. If we don’t move into action with our very busy lives things will slowly slip away.

Step 3 is Vision – It’s all about taking this ideas to completion. When you can see your dream in clarity you can truly believe it will happen. Margie saw in her “minds eye” all her Diamond Ambassadors’ walking across the stage. When she had produced enough Diamond Ambassadors in her organization she would become Crown Diamond. She has the vision – which was the inner work. She was able to see, crystallize and clarify what she wanted to create. You must do the same and have vision and visualize it daily.

Step 4: Keep in action. Don’t every feel bad if you didn’t call your 20 people that day. already if you just get to call a few people you are in actions and Margie says when you are in action you can’t be in fear. You are doing it anyway. To being with fault is better to hesitate perfectly.

Margie discussed the four revenue producing activities in Network Marketing.

These are presenting, prospecting, following up, and training your people – these are all duplication producing activities. Plug into the tools and course of action that your company and team have put together be it video, online presentations, webinars, local meetings, handing out CD’s, at all event it is that your company and team has put together that is powerful, use this and teach others to use them, When you try to do too much then you send the wrong message that you have to do so much to be successful in this industry. Others will see that and think they have so much to do. But if you show others to just invite people to a presentation, hand out a CD or DVD or send someone to a conference call then others will see how easy and duplicate the time of action. Get yourself in front of people everyday. Listen to people for their pain points and offer them a possible solution. Have someone listening to or viewing something everyday and remember to always following up. This way your funnel is complete, you are always moving people by your course of action and you will gain momentum.

Just implementing the smallest action will eliminate the fear.

Step 5: Sow and grow. Sow to plant and remember that everything has a gestation period. People who come from an employee mentality they are told what to do and they get a pay check, already if it is small they can see some moment gratification. They see an immediate consequence. In Network marketing you have to plant a lot of seeds. If you plant many seeds you will to be reaping the benefits. You just need to be planting a lot of seed but remember you don’t need everyone. You tend the seeds that want to grow. You need to remember this when you meet with disappointment on the way. If you have a long term perspective and that growing a network marketing business is not a get high program but a way to get really wealthy over a 3 to 5 years period then you will deal with disappointment and slight set backs with a much better mindset. When your “why” is thorough and you sow a lot – you will reap a lot. You won’t know where it will come from — but it will come.

Have faith and keep growing yourself everyday and you will become so very attractive and you will attract people into your life and into your business.

Step 6: The last and the sixth step to get to the top of your pay plan is Persist in Gratitude. The gratitude piece is so big. People who get into network marketing want to be, do and have more. Many who come may be in a very frustrating circumstance in their lives. If you truly want to have more you have to be grateful with your life as it is right now. To have a really abundant mindset you have to have gratitude. We all have something to be grateful for and when we stay in that energy we attract more things to be grateful for.

Network Marketing is really not about the money, its about so much more, it’s really about the person that you become as you find success in this industry and as you grow into the incredible person you truly are. You begin to deveop your strength and gain the ability to assist others to also step into their strength and also become great creators.

Margie Aliprandi produced and hosted Your Network Marketing Breakthrough Telesummit” the weekend of February 18th by the 20th of 2011. She has made obtainable all these recording of some amazing trainer and speakers to assist all who desire to grow and believe in the network marketing industry and themselves to unprotected to outrageous success. I was at my company training this weekend which was incredible so I am just now listening to all these amazing trainers and I tell you the line up is incredible and will build your confidence to assist you to great successes in your network marketing business and your life.

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