the time of action of Affirmations and the strength Behind Your Thoughts

We began the evening with a Light Meditation. No, not light, like light bulb. Light refers to the Universal Energy that exists all around us. Our meditation went well, but when I asked the participants who has never done affirmations before, two of our class members raised their hands. Let me introduce you to the concept of affirmations, I said and proceeded to give a complete explanation. We are in continued communication with ourselves throughout our lives. We are either going to say something constructive or destructive to ourselves and, because the Universe is great and hears everything, it responds to our thoughts. At times, it will not know what to present to you, success or failure, love or not, wealth or without.

It is hard to realize that the Universe can produce objects, individuals, events in response to your thoughts, but it does. Furthermore, when we talk to others we are talking to the Universe and giving it orders. Makes you surprise, doesnt it, just what you should or should not be saying to yourself or to others? Affirmations simply direct the subconscious mind (Universal Mind). truly, the Subconscious Mind just accepts the orders and never questions. consequently, if you waver between positive and negative, it will respond either way.

When an affirmation is used, would you purposely direct the subconscious to bring into your life something negative? I doubt it. consequently, you want to say something positive. That is exactly what an affirmation is; a direct order in the positive affirmative that the subconscious mind responds to. So, lets say that we begin with something easy, like I am thriving. Say it, over and over. Now if you had been wavering between negative or positive thoughts for quite a while, your mind will challenge the new thought. It will say what are you thinking? I thought you wanted this or that. Instead of listening to the response of the Subconscious, you claim again over and over I am thriving. Keep on saying it until the response comes clearly as okay, you win, you are thriving. Then like a willing servant the subconscious mind brings in wealth, in all forms.

Now, one would ask, Do I have to do this forever? The answer, of course, is no. As the time of action goes, the first few wealth events that occur will cause you to say to yourself This stuff really works, thereby, strengthening your Faith in the time of action. Each time your faith is strengthened, it gets easier until you get to the point that all you have to say is I am thriving and something positive occurs.

It all sounded so easy and then, one of the class members had to get up to move around. He blamed it on discomfort and truly left the room. The discomfort was on the left side, which relates to Female. Now, if he would be patient and open to understand that our bodies tell us something about our thoughts, he would realize that sometime back in his earlier life, limitations were imposed upon him by a female of meaningful importance in his youth. No harm done, because he can, then, address the issue and unleash the limitation, like weeding a garden and planting brand new seeds of healthy plants.

In conclusion, we are given a gift at birth. The gift is You were born to be fulfilled and your link to your fulfillment is your thoughts. Affirmations, connect you to the positive side of life. Man was given at birth, the strength of thought and the choice on how to direct those thoughts. The day that you concede that gift will be a new beginning for you and, as a bonus, for others. Why? Just think of this possibility: When you are fulfilled and thriving, you are a happier person. You, consequently, are easier to be around, create wonderful friends, enjoy life and become generous, are more loving and less fearful. What greater gift can you give to others than to be a Happier You?

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