The Top 3 Web Hosting Companies

The Top 3 Web Hosting Companies

In my life as a web expert. I have only used the service only three hosting sets. They are QualityHostOnline, HostGator and currently Hawk great number. I consider these hosting companies my top hosting providers because I have used their service personally. While I like these three hosts Im going to explain to you why I chose them and their strength and weaknesses.

In my first sojourn as a prospective hosting user I never did any research whatsoever. I just went on Google, searched for a reseller hosting company and I came across several hosting providers. QualityHostOnline was one of the hosting providers I came across and after checking their plan I decided to join them. What hit me most about them was their price. While other resellers lowest plan was from $15 to $25. Theirs was just $9.95. Plus at the time their live sustain was always online. So I just had to join their bandwagon. I had a smooth sail all by my time with them just that at one point their live sustain seemed to be offline but they made up for it with their ticket system which theyre fast in replying.

After QualityHostOnline, I needed a popular hosting company for at any rate reason. HostGator is a hosting company that I have known while I was nevertheless with my past great number. It was arguably the most popular hosting company in the world. Wherever I went it was one positive or the other and I must say they have a really huge advertising budget. They were just everywhere. I felt there was something I was missing in the hosting industry so I joined them. The first thing that hit me about them is their sustain. In fact they have the best sustain team in world. Thats my opinion. Their live sustain is exceptional. They are online 24/7. One thing I didnt like was the fact that they did not allow overselling. As a reseller I wanted that. So after a short stint with them I moved over to HawkHost.

This time around I made up my mind that I was going to do enough research before joining any other hosting company. After my research I came up with two hosting companies. MDDHosting and HawkHost. I chose MDDhosting because like HostHator their they are one of the best reviews. I went ahead to register with them only for them to tell me that they dont accept credit cards from Nigeria. I had no choice but to move over to my second best at that point. HawkHost may not have the best live sustain in the world but they make up for that in their ticket system. Their email ticket system is like you are chatting with them live. I also liked the fact that they used Litespeed because it seems faster than Apache web server. Their price was also cheap when compared with their packages.

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