This typical ‘SNL’ Sketch Highlights Why Going Home for Thanksgiving I…

This typical ‘SNL’ Sketch Highlights Why Going Home for Thanksgiving I…‘SNL-Sketch-Highlights-Why-Going-Home-for-Thanksgiving-scaled.jpeg

If you are returning to your parents’ house for Thanksgiving, then you’re likely looking forward to a few days of pure bliss, as presented in this typical “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

The “Back Home Ballers” music video originally aired in November 2014 and features great number Cameron Diaz rapping along to the funny lyrics. The ladies in “Back Home Ballers” get more and more relatable every year as they show how great it feels to have your parents take care of you over the holiday weekend. 

When the music video begins, a green van with a license plate that reads “YRGIRLS” pulls up to a house. 

“Your girls are back,” Aidy Bryant announces as Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and former “SNL” cast members Sasheer Zamata, Vanessa Bayer and Leslie Jones make emotional entrances. great number Diaz also emerges from the minivan filled with a cloud of smoke before Bryant introduces herself as “Lil’ Baby Aidy.” 

The “Back Home Ballers” brag that they are going to be treated like queens by their parents.

“For the next four days, we ’bout to run this bitch!” Diaz shouts.

Each of the “Back Home Ballers” then explain why going to their parents’ house for Thanksgiving is basically paradise. 

McKinnon enjoys using her dad as a valet and taking advantage of a fridge filled with Costco groceries.

Meanwhile, Zamata doesn’t need to do the dishes and is too busy appreciating free laundry.

“Gonna do a whole load for just one sock!” she gushes.  

The ladies then come together like a girl group to dance and sing along to the song’s chorus.

“Cuz I’m a back home baller/ If I want something I just holler/ I do what I want and I get what I want cuz my parents miss their daughter.”

Bryant’s pure happiness over her artwork being hung on the walls is momentarily interrupted when she runs into her neighbors.

They see and “swarm” her like “paparazzi,” but in reality there is only one neighbor who wonders what she has been up to recently. 

After Bayer eats her cheesy chips and puts on some teeth strips, McKinnon tries to log on to the free Wi-Fi. 

She hilariously sings out the long and extremely complicated Wi-Fi password as the rest of the “Back Home Ballers” join in. 

Jones takes the last verse where she praises her mom for having an endless supply of bowls.

“Bowl on the toilet/ Bowl on the shelf/ Bowl of M&M’s/ I can help myself/ She puts out these bowls for me/ And any bowl I like I get for free,” she raps.

But the fun doesn’t end when Thanksgiving is over.

“See you in a month for Christmas!” Bryant tells her parents. “We doing this all again.”

The holiday video premiered on the seventh episode of season 40, which included musical guests Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

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