thorough Tissue Vs Soft Tissue Massage: What’s the Difference and Which Is a Better Therapy?

thorough Tissue Vs Soft Tissue Massage: What’s the Difference and Which Is a Better Therapy?

With any form of therapy there are different schools of thought, different techniques and approaches obtainable. Often the technique used is down to the experience and skill-set of the therapist and what they consider is the most applicable treatment option. In this article we will look at massage therapy and in particular thorough tissue or soft tissue.

What’s the difference and which is a better solution?

thorough Tissue Massage

thorough tissue massage therapy is as you would imagine a kind of therapy that focuses on the thorough layers of muscle in the body. It works by using slow and firm massage strokes that concentrates the pressure a lot deeper than typical massage therapy. It works by breaking down adhesions, increasing the flow of blood and helping to reduce inflammation.

It is particularly effective with those experiencing from chronic muscle injury and those who are seeking injury rehabilitation. It is a popular technique with sports massage and can help enhance performance.

Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage is a technique that as you will be able to guess is less intrusive than thorough tissue massage. Instead of focusing on slow and pressured movements to affect the thorough layers, soft tissue massage focuses on working with a range of depths, pressures and durations.

As a massage therapy it will aim to work with your muscles, tendons, ligaments and will be very similar to the techniques used in thorough tissue massage.

It is a useful technique to help relax muscles, increase endorphins, reduce muscle tension and enhance blood circulation.

Which is better?

There is little in the way of difference when it comes to these two except the depths of the treatment. The techniques used are similar but thorough massage will tend to include longer, slower and higher pressure strokes compared to a larger variety of strokes used in soft tissue.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the answer the question above is not that straightforward. Many therapists will also not just stick to one technique or field of massage and will dip into other areas as and when they are needed. The difference between the two is quite limited and there are similar benefits from both.

When it comes to injury recovery thorough tissue massage is certainly the most effective kind but however it can also be quite unnecessary if used at the wrong moment.

With all of the above in mind, the conclusion is a bore-draw.

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