Tips on Saving Electricity

Tips on Saving Electricity

For many to think of being without electricity, might be next to impossible. But, at the rate, we are using or misusing electricity, maybe it won’t be late before we might end up sitting in the dark. As a good citizen, it’s our duty to save electricity. Below are some tips on how to save electricity:

1- Cloths: Always use clothes that suit the temperature. In winter, you can use layers of clothing to keep you warm hence, switch off the heater.

2- Close doors and curtains: If you want to heat or cool your house, better close the doors and curtains, as this will cool or heat the house faster, consuming less energy.

3- Keep the thermostat set: Heater costs nearly 30% of your monthly bill. This method every 20 degrees you set up is truly 10% more on your bill. So in winters 18-20 and in summers at 26 degrees is perfect.

4- Turn appliances off: Be it heater, cooling system, fans, lights or TV, turn off when no one is in the room.

5- Use cold water for washing: Try using cold water for washing clothes in winter. You’ll notice a exceptional drop in your electricity bills.

6: Fridge Timings: Many people tend to keep their fridge/freezers on 24×7. If your fridge/freezer is in proper condition then it will be able to continue its cool for a good time. So you don’t need to keep it on the whole day.

7- Insulate Roof: Get your roof insulated. This will make a big difference in your bill.

8- Reduce standby strength usage: You may not know this but your charger in standby mode is nevertheless consuming electricity. Yes, standby appliances cost nearly 10% of your bill.

9- Save in Kitchen: To reduce cooking time, you can thaw frozen food before cooking and use a microwave oven, as it consumes much less energy. If you use the stove, then place lids on the pots, so the food gets cooked sooner.

10- Use light globes: To save on electricity and cut down on bills, replace all incandescent or halogen light globes with globes that come with energy saving usage. If you have installed light indicators in the switchboards, then remove them as they consume nearly 20% of electricity. Avoid using chargers with indicators.

The above-given points are not so big or hard to understand. Saving electricity is a must if you want a healthy world. More electricity saved is a big step towards a greener tomorrow.

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