Tips To Increase The Water Pressure In The Shower

We all have a hard time waking up in the morning either because we had a bad night filled with nightmares or our sleep was so thorough that you can happily become one with warm cocoon that is your bed. That is why you have to find ways to shake off the sleepiness especially if awoken by the screaming of an alarm. I swear half the time when my phone alarm goes off, I either feel like I’m having a mini heart attack or I feel like throwing it across the room.

I like starting my day with a uncommon shower to help knock the cobwebs of sleep straight out my head (clearly a cup of coffee there after helps to finish the job ha-ha). I need good pressure to ease my muscles into mobility and you can’t get that without a good water pressure and for this you need a good shower head to increase your water pressure.

Sometimes already when you have the proper shower head, your water pressure may be wonky or you just having a bit of trouble. Have no fear, you might not need a showerhead just however. Try these tips to increase your water pressure and see if it helps solve the problem.

Showerhead needs to be treated

You should always check your bathroom showerhead efficiency although most time, truth be told, if there is a problem its usually very noticeable as the water pressure is affected. Water contains many minerals that can build up in the showerhead leading to reduce efficiency and this causes disruptions in the Water flow due to the thin pathway of the pipeline.

  • Remove the showerhead, soak it by putting it in a water and vinegar solution then with the help of an old toothbrush, brush the grime off the surface.
  • The vinegar helps remove the deposits accumulated in the small pores and the showerhead’s main water line.

This will enhance the water pressure of your shower.

Connecting a water pressure creating pump

Low water pressure from the main supply may cause a reduction in water pressure especially if Gravity is involved which it clearly it is because we live on earth not in space.

  • This may rule to long term problem which should be addressed to avoid water shortage in your bathroom and household.
  • This can be treated by installing a water pump that works against gravity and pulls the water from the depths to your taps water pipelines by increasing the pressure.

When the water pressure is increased, the water flow is also improved.

Check the main pipeline and attach it behind the showerhead

Some people have a flexible pipeline attached behind the showerhead of their shower so make sure to Check if your pipeline is either flexible or a stiff pipe fixture. If it is flexible, there are chances that the pipeline has bent and this bending will cause the water pressure to be restricted causing low pressure.

You can straighten the pipeline again by removing the showerhead and faucet, then stretching the pipeline by hand, or using a small rod. However, if the pipeline has been damaged, it should be replaced with the new one.

Confirm that either the main valves or shower valves are open

Every house has several valves fixed in different locaiongs and there is a main valve in the house by which the water supply is controlled in every part of the house, either in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Before calling a plumber, check the main valve to see if it is open or closed.
  • If it is not properly opened, the pressure will be low.

except this valve, other valves are also fixed in the bathroom to control the shower’s water supply and other taps, they also need to be checked.

Buy a new showerhead

If the low water pressure condition persists, you need to buy a new showerhead (Out with old, in with the new) or call a plumber.


You need to have the best shower heads to increase water pressure because being able to shower is a necessity whether you like to shower in the morning to wakeup and feel refreshed or if you like to shower in the evening to shake off the horror of a bad day. Empower your shower!

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