Top Quartz Space Heater – The Competition Is Heating Up

Top Quartz Space Heater – The Competition Is Heating Up

The competition for top quartz space heater always intensifies right along with the seasonal increase in heating fuel prices and the need for a cheaper heating different. Manufacturers have seized on this opportunity with the introduction of newly minted quartz heater makes and models.

A consumer’s decision to buy a particular brand name heater, or not, is influenced by a variety of factors including safety, efficiency, value, and the recommendations of others. Here then are the heaters rated tops in various categories.

Top Controversial Quartz Space Heater

This isn’t really a authentic category for judging a heater’s worthiness, but it’s hard to imagine something as pedestrian as a space heater could generate so much controversy – which is exactly what the EdenPure has been doing ever since it hit the store shelves. It’s not that it isn’t a good heater; it is. The main gripe from consumers has always been “not enough heat for the money,” which applies to other quartz heaters in addition.

Top Safe Quartz Space Heater

There’s no clear winner here because all cabinet enclosed quartz heaters are inherently safe by virtue of their design. Red hot coils have been replaced by infrared quartz light which keeps the outside cabinet temperature around 98° F (body temperature) and the air exiting the heater far below the temperature necessary to ignite flammables like furniture, drapes, and clothing.

All the quartz heaters mentioned here are UL listed with one exception: the iHeater. While the heating component of the iHeater is UL listed, the assembled unit is not.

Top Efficient Quartz Space Heater

Any heater that incorporates quartz with ceramics for a dual heating system like Dr Heater will heat up quicker, get the room up to temperature faster, and shut off sooner. Granted, it isn’t a huge difference in efficiency – you won’t be putting the kids by college with the money you save – but an edge none the less.

Top Value Quartz Space Heater

The dominant measure of value for most consumers is getting the highest quality product or service for the least amount of money. Assuming comparable quality of construction and features for the top selling quartz heaters, most consumers will rely on price as the deciding factor.

Using cost then as the dominant measure of value, the top value in the1,500 watt heater class are Dr Heater and the Duraflame Livingston quartz heater form# 10HM2273-W505. Each costs around $200; or $100 to $300 less than competing brands.

Top Reviewer Ratings

The reviewer ratings speak for themselves. They were gathered from a variety of supplies including Home Depot, CSN Stores, Northern Tool, and Amazon. (A weighted average was applied to the ratings of individual heaters sold by multiple retailers).

2½ Stars EdenPure Gen3 form 1000 (79 reviews since 1/22/08)

3 Stars iHeater IH1500 (17 reviews since 4/3/09)

3½ Stars LifeSmart strength Plus (4 reviews since 11/20/10)

3½ Stars New Comfort (7 reviews since 2/3/10)

4 Stars Duraflame Livingston (2 reviews since 11/1/10)

4½ Stars Dr Heater (45 reviews since 12/22/09)

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