Top Tips On How To Get The Most From Your iPad

Top Tips On How To Get The Most From Your iPad

Work on your computer when you are far away.

Did you forget to e-mail the minutes of the meeting to your boss which is stored in your computer at home? Well there is nothing to worry about. With iTeleport you can access your computer from any part of the world and can send mails, play music and already browse your files.

Pinch 4 times to get to the home screen.

You no longer have to press the home button to get to the home screen; instead you just have to pinch 4 times. This is faster and, over time, a more functional option.

Get to the multitasking bar -fast.

A four finger push will help in bringing the multitasking bar fast without having to push the home button twice. The multitasking bar will bring forward the Icons of various Apps which you can click on. The icons characterize the logos, designed by talented logo designers, for identification and for ease of usage.

Better way to make calls.

The iPad offers a better way to make calls as you can see the list of contacts, with photographs and phone numbers clearly displayed on a screen much bigger than the screen of your phone. additionally, making conference calls will be a lot easier. The larger screen space will make surfing contacts a simpler task.

Control the music played on your computer with your iPad.

If you have ever wondered why your computer never had a far away control so that you can ease on your beanbag while you listened to some soothing music, well, fret no more. Your iPad will work well as a far away control if you do decide to download the Apple’s far away App. This wonderful app will let you play music, adjust quantity settings or already play a video on your computer. These can also be used to far away control other Airplay devices, giving you a handy tool that is effective too.

Don’t want a long keyboard? Cut it in half.

If you feel that you can work better with the keyboard divided into two, then tap and keep up the keyboard at the bottom. An option called divided will open up. Press it and see the keyboard splitting into two. Some people find this position a lot more functional than the traditional option.

Browse privately.

When you have some private browsing to do and do not wish for others to view your history, then clicking on Safari will provide you with the privacy that you need. The pages that you view will not be obtainable as part of the history setting.

The wide screen lets you read comic books!

A good comic book is everyone’s favourite, especially when you are travelling or you wish to de-stress. The iPad lets you do just that with great comic book Apps like comic zeal and comixology.

Play your favourite games without a PC or console.

If you love games and have stayed away from playing them as you don’t get to sit in front of the PC as much as you used to or if you thought the game was compatible only with a console, then there is reason to rejoice. The iPad can now be used to play games without PC or console.

Want a bigger screen to view videos? You got it.

The videos from your iPad can now be transferred to a television screen using an AV adapter. This will let you watch all the videos on a bigger screen. except videos, presentations can also be viewed on bigger screen. This is also a great way to view print advertisements, company logos and other marketing material, put together by carefully chosen graphic designers, as it will help you appreciate the fine details in the designs.

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