Tragic last photo of girl, 9, killed by devastating tornado that flatt…

Tragic last photo of girl, 9, killed by devastating tornado that flatt…

Annistyn Rackley, 9, was hiding in a bathroom with her parents and two sisters in their home near Missouri when a deadly tornado crossed their path.

Three sisters pictured moments before the tornado hit

A photo taken moments before a nine-year-old girl was killed when her house was ripped to shreds by a vicious tornado has been published as tributes pour in.

The heartbreaking image shows a happy-looking Annistyn Rackley, 9, squeezed into a bathtub hugging a baby doll alongside her sisters Lani, 3, and Avalinn, 7.

The youngster lost her life at the family’s new home, located outside of Caruthersville, a city in Missouri, after the tornado left a trail of devastation by Kentucky and Missouri last week, reports the DailyMail.

Her mother Meghan Rackley, 32, a kindergarten teacher, is nevertheless in a coma after experiencing brain damage called Diffused Axonal Injury – similar to shaken baby syndrome.

She laid over her two daughters in the bathtub to protect them when the tornado hit.

Her lungs also collapsed meaning she is now breathing with the aid of a tracheotomy at the hospital in Cape Girardeau.

Medics hope she will be transferred to Memphis, but have been unable to move her however.

Husband Trey, 37, a trucking company dispatcher, consistent an eye injury, cuts and broken bones but was released from hospital on Sunday.

Mum Meghan and dad Trey with their three daughters

Youngest daughter Lani has also been released from hospital and Avalinn, who also broke her arm, remains in hospital awaiting surgery on her vertebrae.

Great aunt Sandra Hooker, 62, from Caruthersville, told, the family have nothing left and they were found with “splinters sticking out of them”.

Ms Hooker – a teacher for gifted children – alerted Meghan to the tornado and said they had already discussed where would be the safe place in their new country home, where they moved to give the girls a bedroom each.

Meghan had decided the family would huddle in the interior bathroom as it didn’t have any windows.

Ms Hooker heard the sirens going off and warned Meghan via text the tornado was 15 minutes away – Meghan replied with an ‘OK’ and that was the last she heard until a friend notified her the house had been flattened.

Speaking about the loss of Annistyn, she said she would be sorely missed: “Annistyn was a wonderful, loving, kind hearted little girl. She loved everybody that she came into contact with. She was real active in gymnastics and cheerleading.”

Great aunt Sandra Hooker says the family need all the help they can get

She additional: “They lost their new house. They lost every earthly possession they had. Their cars were totalled, their clothes are all gone.

“People have been out there picking up pictures and things they can.”

Avalinn, who is now in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, reportedly told medical staff the tornado had lifted her up and threw her around.

She said: “I prayed to Jesus to take care of me. That tornado just spit me out and threw me in the ground, in the mud.”

The youngest – Lani – was covered by her father who lay over her during the ordeal – suffered several hairline fractures of vertebrae, but won’t need to use a back brace.

Ms Hooker says she’s praying for Meghan to retrieve. She additional: “The most important thing we need right now is prayers that Meghan will wake up.”

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