Triumph Thunderbird Parts

The Thunderbird has been an icon of motorcycling since it was first unleashed on the world by Triumph. You may think of the Ford Thunderbird when you hear that name, but it was Triumph who licensed the name to the American auto company for use on their new 1955 ‘personal luxury car’ coupe.

The first Triumph form designated ‘Thunderbird‘ was produced in 1949; it was called the Thunderbird 6T and was powered by a 649c.c. engine. This form run lasted until 1966. In 1981, the Thunderbird TR65 began production with an identically sized, but greatly different, engine. The 885c.c. Thunderbird of 1994 was more in tune with the original purpose of rule designer Edward Turner, who developed the bike mostly for the American market. If that form was up to the task, then the Thunderbird Sport took it to a new level in 1997; 82hp and 56ft/lb of torque originated from the triple 885c.c. engine – more than enough to make it a quality sport/tour motorcycle.

This is Triumph’s past but very applicable history – as it leads us to the 2010 Thunderbird 1600. This hefty strength cruiser takes the name forward and manages to keep the original spirit of the copy.

However, if you are looking for parts for that early T-bird you will not find them from the Hinckley factory. As with most manufacturers, you will have to search for NOS (new old stock) parts wherever you look for such items – dealer networks, local shops, and more and more these days, the Internet. The Internet is becoming an amazing international hunting ground for tracking down those hard-to-find parts.

The good news is that Triumph does have parts for all models produced from 1993 onwards, meaning just about every motorcycle produced at Hinckley. Every part made by Triumph is of the highest quality and is made to the exact stock specifications of the form to which it belongs. Triumph manages to keep a first pick rate of 99% throughout its network – the highest in the industry. Within a matter of days – if your part is not in stock at your local shop – Triumph can have any one of over 25,000 parts shipped directly to your dealer.

Additionally, the Genuine Accessories obtainable from Triumph are included in the same ordering system – so, you will see the same quality of craftsmanship and get your hands on them fast. For example, if you own a new 2010 Thunderbird and you think that 98 cubic inches is too small; within days you can have a 104 cubic inch Big Bore Kit ready to be installed.

If you own a Triumph Thunderbird and you need parts or accessories, your solution is as close as your nearest Triumph empowered dealer … or already right here on your computer screen.

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