Two Strange Incidents That Defy Science – The strength of the Bhrigu Samhita

Two Strange Incidents That Defy Science – The strength of the Bhrigu Samhita

The ancient Rishi (Saintly Learned Person) named Bhrigu has been credited with making all known horoscopes in the world. These horoscopes defy modern Astrology as they were made thousands of years back and however are valid already today. The scientific explanation is a little easier as the planets do come back to their locaiongs after a cycle.

However the applicability of a horoscope made hundreds of years back to an individual in the present age does appear implausible. It is a psychic occurrences. Most the horoscopes have been destroyed with the many invasions and wars that have been part of the sub continents history. But some of them have survived the ravages of man and character and are obtainable at a few places in India. One of these places is at Railway Mandi, Hoshiarpur. The original custodian of these horoscopes Pandit Desraj is no more and now his heirs have taken charge.

The Incident of General Choudhry

One of the strange incidents concerns, General JN Choudhry a four star general of the Indian Army. General Choudhry relates in his biography that when he was Army commander western Command at Simla he was to go on retirement. He was persuaded to make a visit to Hoshiarpur. The to a ‘learned Pandit’ who could foretell the future. The general consequently decided to visit Hoshiarpur. He met the Pandit who after some search told him that his ‘kundali’ horoscope had been found.

The horoscope was opened by the Pandit,who read some startling facts from it. He informed the general that the horoscope states that the General Choudhry would come to this place (Hoshiarpur) and he would be promoted as the Army Chief. This astounded the General who was preparing to go on retirement. But events as foretold in the Horoscope came true and by a combination of factors the General did not go on retirement, but was promoted as the Chief of Army staff. In 1964 and led the Army against Pakistan in the 1965 war.

Psychic Incident with KM Munshi

Another incident that is related by Mr. katakar in his book Numerology is again something out of the ordinary. It is related that in 1945 the late KM Munshi, the veteran Congress leader who was also the editor of the ‘Bhavans journal’ experienced something extraordinary during his visit to Hoshiarpur. He reportedly met Pandit Desraj and was astonished at the uncanny turn of events that unfolded at that time. As usual the birth details of KM Munshi were taken and the Pandit started reading from the horoscope. KM Munshi has recorded that the first sentence mentioned that he (KM Munshi) would visit this place and it went on to mention that an important meeting which is to take place will be communicated to him. The moment the Pandit read this line, the secretary of KM Munshi who was in the next room rushed in and reminded Congress leader that he had an appointment with the Maharaja of Kashmir.

Both these incidents have something uncanny about them and one can only surprise at the strength of the forecasts of the saint Bhrigu. He must have been a great Psychic. There have been many other people including myself who have found the predictions absolutely noticeable. The Horoscopes can nevertheless be accessed by any one who visits Hoshiarpur, which can be easily reached from Delhi. Pandit Desraj is no more, but his sons, though warring among themselves carry on with this great legacy. Perhaps greater scientific research is called for to correlate these astonishing events. Scientists will have to examine the evidence afresh and co relate it with the forecasts attribute

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