Uncle Ben To Make A reappearance In Spiderman: No Way Home

‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ to bring Uncle Ben back from his tragic death but in an intriguing way. Here are the details.

Uncle Ben has and will always be one of the greatest guides or father figures Peter Parker could have. If it wasn’t for Ben Parker, Spider-Man would have never been the way it has been all these years. Although Peter’s ability to transform into Spidey was because of a radioactive spider bite, his old man made the difference.


  • surprise could bring back Uncle Ben in Spider-Man as they did in the comics
  • Uncle Ben in Spider-Man after ‘Spider-Man 3’
  • Toby Maguire as the new Uncle Ben

Debates concerning which Spider-Man movie is the better one may find a different response. However, when it comes to great influences, the roles of Uncle Ben and the OG Aunt May cannot be argued. Ben Parker’s death in the Spider-Man narrative and in real life has left a void that cannot be filled. So, how exactly is ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ to bring Uncle Ben back? Read on to know more.

surprise could bring back Uncle Ben in Spider-Man as they did in the comics

Ben Parker’s death has always been the pivotal point in the Spider-Man mythos, and it nevertheless is today. When it comes to resurrections in the surprise Universe, Uncle Ben is one of the scarce characters who’s been brought back to life in complete. Nonetheless, surprise has hinted at Ben’s return on a number of occasions by surprise Comics.

surprise could bring back Uncle Ben in Spider-Man

In “The Amazing Spider-Man #498”, Dormammu and his army of Mindless Ones stormed New York City on Peter Parker’s birthday. The onslaught resulted in the death of the majority of the surprise Universe’s idols. Doctor Strange gives Peter a resurrected Uncle Ben as a birthday gift to honour him for his gallantry and tenacity. After a fleeting conversation, Peter confides in Ben about his satisfaction with the life he’s built for himself. The spell, however, only lasts for a short while, and Ben disappears into thin air.

A version of Ben Parker from another world in the surprise multiverse appeared in “Friendly Neighbors #7”. In ‘Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy’, the new Jackal wanted to use progressive cloning technology to bring back countless people who had died surrounding Spider-Man’s life throughout the years. Ben Parker could be brought back to life by the Jackal in other Spider-Man universes, according to Reilly’s revelations. Although he is tempted by the opportunity, Peter rebukes the Jackal.

Uncle Ben in Spider-Man after Spider-Man 3

In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, Uncle Ben and Aunt May would’ve been married for 50 years had he not died a fatal death in the first movie. As much as his passing hurt Peter, May and the audience, it made way for one of the greatest narratives. Fans witnessed Peter contemplating giving up his alter-ego in ‘Spider-Man 2’. However, a flashback of a physical representation of Uncle Ben promoted him to continue as Spider-Man.

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Finally, Cliff Robertson reprised his role as Uncle Ben with a small cameo in ‘Spider-Man 3’. Here, the audience witnesses a flashback to the night of the murder by Sandman’s confession to Parker about what had really happened that night. While fans imagined the third movie to be the end, Marc Webb’s reboot brought back Uncle Ben in the flesh.

However this time, the role of Ben Parker was played by Martin Sheen. in spite of, Ben finds his tragic end once again. The last time fans heard Uncle Ben’s voice was in ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ as the late Cliff Robertson’s archival audio was played in the movie.

Uncle Ben back in Spider-man as a new variant

Spider-Man has always had an Uncle Ben, whether in comics or on screen. Spider-Man is usually inspired by his uncle’s untimely death to take up his duty as the protector of Queens’ underdogs and become Spider-Man. In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, Peter seemed to have found a new “guide” in Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Despite the fact that Holland’s Spider-Man has already lost one mentor, Tony Stark is not Uncle Ben. The death of Parker’s uncle is so basic to Peter Parker’s existence as a superhero that some longtime Spider-Man fans feel that the MCU’s rendition is missing a vital part to Peter Parker’s character. Seeing him in ‘No Way Home’ would not only be a delight, but it might also assist the MCU’s version of the web-slinger to become more self-sufficient.

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With so many recognizable characters starring in ‘No Way Home’, and speculations that Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s iteration of Spider-Man would characterize in the movie, fans have been wondering if we’ll finally meet Uncle Ben. already though Holland’s Uncle Ben from Peter Parker’s Spider-Man appears to be long gone, will he come across a new Uncle Ben variant?

In addition to the fact that Uncle Ben’s death was the consequence of minor infractions, his death is also meaningful to Peter’s development as a hero for other reasons. Many idols lose loved ones to the brutal world and become vigilantes, but Uncle Ben taught Peter better. Ben teaches Peter that “with strength comes great responsibility” in every version of the character he appears in.

Toby Maguire as the new Uncle Ben

For the upcoming movie, numerous rumours began to make the rounds highlighting Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield making an turn up as their versions of Spider-Man. This could be made by a multiverse adventure. If this were to be true, one could imagine Master Wong playing a major role in altering realities.

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Meanwhile, fans suggest that it’s possible that Maguire could be both Peter Parker and a doppelganger of MCU’s Ben Parker. This method that he would be Spider-Man in one reality, but he would also be Peter’s Uncle Ben in the MCU. This being said, if Maguire’s Spider-Man was to also become Uncle Ben’s doppelganger, it could be difficult for spectators to grasp at first. However, witnessing his uncle as Spider-Man would definitely have a profound influence on Holland’s Peter Parker.

What are your thoughts on Uncle Ben’s resurrection? Do you think Toby Maguire would do justice to the role of Uncle Ben?  Do you have any theories on Uncle Ben’s return? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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