use Your Bottom the Cancun Way

As I watch the booties parading down the coast, silhouettes of glory wearing only thongs and g-strings, and some nasty-looking bandannas, I can imagine how far the bikini has evolved from a humble hipster with a Bandeau top to a micro-thong with all bottom classifications to define them. knows just the right label to underscore your booty: Are you into a Rio or Brasilian bottom? Do you dig flashy neon pink Euro bikinis? Or do you plan to show off with your typical American buns? Let define your shape, color, and womanly dimensions with Kombikini Solids, Prints and Xtras.

Let us bikini talk. Bottoms in Cancun-bikini are your most prized possessions, and youve got a slew of choices to put them in the spotlight. One of my favorites is the Hipster Bottom — a gorgeous aquamarine sporty swim use that hugs your shape while keeping all the eyes glued to your trim fanny. The Hipster Bottom evolved from the Hip Huggers, and spawned a associate more drastic-looking retro bikinis called the Hot Pants and Shorties. Sure enough, these retros reminded us of the beach beauties of the 70s and 80s — but the glam never fades. Some may call them conservative but the punk attitude sets these hip-hugging karenas except the rest.

Most Cancun-bikini swim use are made up of quality nylon and spandex for that smooth water glide. How can the men resist? The bands and strings are easily adjustable to fit your shape. Of course, if youre on the chunky side, your best bet is the Kombikini Xtras. These are plus size swim use whose wrap skirts and mesh pareos make my mouth water! I average, how can you go wrong with an incredible blue, neon green, or pink top and a matching mini that virtually de-emphasizes your flab? If theres such a thing as a shape-altering bikini, this is it. The mesh allows the beach hunks to espy your precious booties while keeping everything under subtle wraps.

The Cancun-bikini collection is an honest-to-goodness test on your sexiness. Most beach fact gurus would tell you that if you were short-legged, you should use only thong bottom with a very high leg cut to make your legs appear long. But if you want to go brazen, make your other assets stand out. For example, Cancun-bikini offers Scoop Top, Halter Top, and Triangle Top bikini use to shift the attention from your short legs to your fantastic cleavage. Of course, these tops come in all colors from mango to royal blue and breast sizes from small to large. My favorite among these is the Halter Top, which is a tad more comfortable to use than all the rest while making small breasts appear pendulous and shapely. I give the Halter Top Kombikini a total plus for fact sense.

The Mexicans of Cancun may find it difficult to make the Kombikini Prints sound alluring to Americans and other non-Latin beachcombers, but well make it easy for them. How about we let take care of the job? Cancun-bikini literally changes the confront of Bahía de Mujeres by allowing ladies wearing printed bikinis of otherworldly names to move into the beach. I must say I dont care if its a Wahine or Marengo — Im going to have a heart attack. You cant possibly use this Kombikini Prints and attempt to hide.

Want to look like a mermaid in the glistening turquoise waters? use your Aqua Sol — the Cancun-bikini equivalent of Halter Top paired with a Brasilian and American bottom in addition as a mini-wrap skirt. If you dont like being the Blue Goddess, bestow the waters with your beauty wearing your Eclipse or Opium bikinis. These dotted ultramine arrangements are fitting and friendly with the sea. If you want to go with the flow and sport an attitude, check out the Sambuca and Fast Lane bikinis. Guys will go Whoa! over these bikinis inspired by the American love for fast cars and midnight clubs.

Theres nothing wrong with becoming one with character, either. So go ahead and don your Savage, hide, and Wahine swim use. Wahine is a Pacific Islander term for woman. Shoot — wont these bikinis make you feel anything less than feminine? Mexicans sure have a certain love affair with flowers, too. observe Cancun-bikinis flower print collections: Marengo, Mayberry, Cannabis, and Flower-strength. Talk about the right bikini at the right place and time.

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