V Tech Camera – Reviews From 3-6 Years

The V Tech Camera is so much more than just a children’s digital camera – I am really happy with my buy – it proved to be one of the best buys from last Christmas. In this article I will provide some of the reasons why my boys love their V Tech Camera so much. I did a lot of research into which kind of camera to buy and I am pleased to say I believe I picked the right one.

The buttons on the camera are large and easy for little fingers to use and the screen where you can see what picture you are about to take (whether it be a pair of feet or Mom first thing in the morning) is a good size. It is easy for them to keep up with the large rubber sides. Ours have been dropped on numerous occasions – but they are nevertheless as good as the day we bought them.

The editing features on the V Tech Camera are fantastic – you can edit an image (usually a photo of Mom or Dad) to have a pair of elephant ears, some whiskers, a dinosaur hovering over them ready to gobble them up, have a crocodile confront and much more. You can add a nice border around your image too. You can already add special effects to your image and make it go all wobbly.

It also has games that you can play (great for a car journey) such as noughts and crosses (beach style), matching pairs and you can already juggle up an image into jigsaw pieces and put it back together again.

The usb connection that comes with the V Tech camera makes it really easy for you to upload your images to your PC (the boys love looking at them on the computer). It also includes connections that allow you to look at your images on the TV!

It’s great to take a sneak peek at what your kids have photographed at the end of the day. When Sam first got his he was only just 3 and he would take a picture of what was on TV (usually Dora), our feet, his brother sleeping etc. Now he has progressed and we no longer have the feet obsession – he thinks its funny to get pictures of Mom first thing in the morning – not a pretty sight (sure he has been swayed by his Dad!).

My boys are so proud when we go out and they are able to take photos just like Mom. We all know that when you are little you want to grow up quickly and be more like Mom and Dad (when you get there you want to go right back to being little again though)!

I would say the V Tech Camera would be an excellent buy from ages 2 to 7.

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