Ventrilo Servers

What are Ventrilo servers?

Anyone involved with any facet of the online gaming community more than likely has already encountered this term. That is because gamers are the dominant users of this VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology.

The simplest way to understand what Ventrilo servers do is to think of a conference call analogy. Workplaces often keep up conference meetings via phone, where many employees and/or supervisors from a variety of places (sometimes already across the globe) are able to participate in a single real time conversation.

Ventrilo servers and the client software that connects to them function in much the same way. The only difference is that, instead of the sound being carried via POTS (official acronym for “plain old telephone system”), it is carried via internet protocol.

Clearly, gamers are not the only ones who are able to make use of and assistance from Ventrilo servers. Workplaces, families, and others can enjoy online voice chats using VoIP sets such as these. In many instances, it is far less expensive to do so using the internet versus landlines or cell phones.

One of the advantages of Ventrilo servers is that they not only allow voice chat but has also been known to be used to transform text to speech. That method that the user can truly kind what he or she wants to say and other players within a game (or any other kind of meeting) will be able to verbally hear what needs to be said.

Another assistance often cited by Ventrilo servers’ users is that it has a light CPU load. The games themselves consume a good deal of a computer’s system resources. For this reason, it’s advantageous for gamers to use a VoIP service that uses little in the way of central processing unit cycles and megabytes of RAM.

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